Home Schooling Connection

If you follow my Face Book page at all, you will have seen a poll on whether I should write a weekly home school post or not. My original base of readers all said to go for it.

I am a home schooler and I was home schooled. I love home schooling, but I actually don't write too much about it. There are homeschool blogs, and then there is me. Ne're the twain shall meet, or something like that.

I will be posting about homeschooling every Tuesday, and I hope you will join me. It won't be overtly home schooling either. It is going to deal with stuff like balancing the various facets of my life, etc.. Well, take a look at the proposed topics...

Topics covered in 2013

The fun thing about this opportunity is that I am writing a post every week, and then I will post links at the bottom of the post to 4 other bloggers. They are each writing on the topic from their personal experience and perspective. Three of the bloggers live in other countries, with the other 2 of us being here in the USA.

To introduce you to each lady...

1. Julie (Highhill Education) is an American mother of three living in Germany. Education has always been a primary focus for her. She loves to do hands-on activities and they read a lot. Before her six year old was diagnosed with Leukemia in June 2012 they traveled frequently. Fortunately, her daughter has just reached a huge milestone in her treatment. For the past nine months they have been mostly house bound, but this summer they should be able to start participating in group activities again.

2.  Hwee Ching (The Tiger Chronicle)  was originally from Singapore. She been living in the UK since 2002, and her son has always been home schooled.

3. Chareen (Every Bed of Roses) is a South African born, Kiwi living in beautiful Victoria Australia with my Zoo Keeper husband Paul and our three Children Mr T19, Miss J 17 and Sir N who is 7. Chareen home educated my first two children for 15 years and just embarked afresh on the home school journey with her youngest son. She passionate about supporting and encouraging home school moms on their journey. She's an avid lover of good books and great read alouds and enjoy scrapbooking, card making and the Word of the Lord. I blog about my journey over at Every Bed of Roses.

4. Savannah (Hammock Tracks) is the Mom of four great children (two have graduated) and has been home schooling for 13 years. She blogs about all things homeschool.

5. Me, the Barefoot Hippie Girl. Seemingly a bit out of my league. But, I do have the claim to fame of actually surviving home schooling and becoming a productive adult, and of choosing to home school my own kids.=)

I am going to make this a new tab/page on my home page. I will make each topic a hyper link as I post about it.

I hope you will join me on this new adventure, and that you will add your own thoughts in the comments of each post.