Why "Barefoot Hippie Girl?"

Barefoot-I love being barefoot. Seriously. There is only about 4 months of the year that I actually wear shoes. And that is only outside. On almost any given day, if you do a foot check, you will find my feet bare. In sandals, or not. No socks. Not even most days in January. And, though the Hippie offspring take after their father in looks, they take after their mother in their barefoot tendency. And that makes me smile.
Foot-I don't know how this happened, but feet play a major role in my life. Okay, I know they play a major role in everyone's life, but you know what I mean. I love pedicures, though I can count on one hand the number of professional ones I've had. I love sugar scrub and O.P.I. nail polish. My favorite verses in the Bible are about feet. Go figure. I enjoy walking outdoors. And (ask Mr. Hippie) I walk fast. Almost as fast as I run. Well, not really. And, yes, I run. I run for many reasons-but mostly for fitness and endorphins. I also see my life as a race-sometimes it's a sprint, sometimes it's a marathon. But, I am following my coach, trail blazer, and example, Jesus Christ.

Hippie-I am not really a hippie, but I am unconventional. I don't want to be fit into a box. And I like a lot of "hippie" things-like natural remedies, canning, home births, VW Bugs, gardening and long skirts. I also am not into many "hippie" things like going green, long hair, and political protests.

Girl-If you haven't figured that part out yet, I guess it would be pretty hard to enlighten you. I am a girl, a wife, a mother, a Christian. My Lord and my family are my life.

I love to laugh, and sing, and play the piano. I love dancing to music-at home in my living room.=) I love to read, and swim, and sun bathe. I love to write, and talk. I love to travel, though the places I've been are rather limited. I have my list of "I's" that I hope to visit someday. I love to cook, and even did a stint as a camp cook. That was the life! More than anything, I enjoy spending time with Mr. Hippie. We talk, and dream, and time flies. I do NOT love pictures of myself. But, being the family photographer solves that problem. I do NOT like doing paperwork, though it seems to find me all too often. I am the book-keeper for our roofing and siding business. I am Irish and German, and proud of it.=) I love food. Good food. But especially dessert. Chocolate makes my day. And dark chocolate is the best of the best. I love coffee. I love flowers-though I have a very limited knowledge of types. I know roses, daffodils, tulips, irises, and lilies. And that's about it.

I have been blessed with four kids, BMV (12), Freckles (10), LC (7) and Meres (3). They are all unique and amazing. They are NOT perfect.=) We home school. We have embarked upon a traditional/unit study/ classical education Barefoot Hippie hybrid for this year. It is a challenge, but I love learning with the kids. I love teaching. We are proceeding with our 8th year at this.

Welcome to the Barefoot Hippie Girl. Pull up a chair, or sit on the floor. Kick off your shoes, and sip a "cuppa". Be encouraged. Be Motivated. To love, to laugh, to persist.

To wait upon the Lord.
To renew your strength,
To run and not grow weary.
To walk and not faint.