Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a Homebody

I am a homebody-except when I'm not.

Actually, I love being home. In my daily rhythm, drinking lots of coffee and tea, bumping around doing chores, reading and writing. Last week I shared my dream home wishes, but really, I am quite content in my current little house.

I don't like running around. (besides running around) I get stressed when I have to be out and about a lot. I like activities for variety occasionally, but for the most part, I love my home and the people in it-and I try to stay there as much as possible. What's the point of home schooling and home business if you are never home?

There are some weeks when I really don't leave the house much. I leave for runs and swimming, Bible Study on Monday nights, and dinner with the BFF every other Tuesday, church on Sundays, and shopping every other Monday. Besides that, I'm home.

Which brings us to our home school topic for this week. Extra kid's activities? How much? And how much is too much?

Currently, we don't have many extra kids' activities on the docket. All three of the oldest kids attend BSF-the boys with me on Monday nights, and LC on Thursday mornings with her aunt. The kids also sporadically attend a Friday night kids' club at a local church. Sporadically, because if we have had too busy of a week, or if something else is going on, they don't go. I feel bad about the non-commitment, but it is the only viable option right now.

As far as extracurricular activities, (by definition: educational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum-including dramatics and athletics.) We don't do ANY of those.

At this point in time we don't do athletics or music lessons or dramatics. (besides the daily freebie drama that comes from having 2 young girls in the household.)

Next year, however, I am committed to revisiting the music lesson thing. BMV has a good ear for music, and I want him to take piano lessons for at least a few years. So, I will be working that into our schedule next fall.

As far as sports go, we just haven't done them yet. They like playing soccer and baseball, but its a time thing...

Because I feel too much is too much when it interferes with schooling, fills too many afternoons/evenings with practices and games, when family time is sacrificed to individual activities and I am away from home way.too.much. 

I only have so much time. And a lot of my time is already booked. If our kids are to do sports, something else in the schedule would have to give. I am willing for something else to give, I just haven't looked into the specifics of what would have to give. It would be based on schedules. (can you wrap your mind around that long run on thought?=))

I think that this whole topic falls into a very personal category. Each family has to decide what works for them and their schooling and life goals. I don't think there is a clear cut right or wrong answer for everyone.

There is both band and drama available for home schoolers in our city. Personally, I am unwilling to drop off my kids at 9:00 in the morning and pick them up at 3:00 in the afternoon, one day a week, in order to have them be involved in a music or drama program. It would cut into my schooling time/goals. That is my choice for this life season. Others have chosen differently, and that is quite all right.

As my kids get older, this might very well change. We probably will enroll them in sports. We might seize the opportunity to be part of our local drama scene or homeschool music program.

I know the value of sports and fitness-for guys and girls. Running has made me push harder and go farther than I ever would have thought possible. I think the discipline and the persisting through physical pain is a very good thing to experience. Not giving up. I don't want to deny my kids that, just because it is easier for me to stay home. Plus, it is good to have an outlet for all that energy. I do see sports in our future. I'm just not sure of the how's yet.

I want my kids to have a musical base. Which is why I have started each of them with piano lessons, though we fell off the wagon. I want them to be able to read music and to enjoy the finer nuances of music.

But, I really can't envision myself ever running and running from one activity to another. The quintessential soccer mom I am not. Though I do have the mini van. Which I am saving for BMV in another 5-1/2 years. Then I will get my Hippie mobile, aka a bug. And BMV can be the quintessential soccer sibling, and chauffeur his sibs around. In the mini van.

What extra activities do you do with your kids? Do you feel you have found a good balance? What tips would you have for me?

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