Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A (Baking) Day in the Life of a Barefoot Hippie Girl

It comes once a year and, (thank God) only once a year. Barefoot Hippie Girl's Christmas baking day.

Christmas baking day is an all day event-hours and hours. But then I don't bake again for almost the rest of the year. I enjoy making the variety. And this year I decided I was going to enjoy my day. Not a task to tick off on the to-do list, but an enjoyable pastime.

Otherwise, it isn't worth all the chocolate in the world.

Without further ado...A Christmas Baking Day in the Life of this Barefoot Hippie Girl...

6:00 a.m.-wake up call in the form of Mr. Hippie setting two cups of coffee down on the glass top dresser. Rouse myself for a sturdy cup of coffee and a good chat to start the day.

6:45-Daily devotion time. Almost done with the Bible for the year. One more day's worth of readings, then finish up the month in Psalms before we start again.

7:10-Start laundry and do some link ups.

7:25-make oatmeal for the kids' breakfast.

7:35-8:00-read favorite blogs. Rouse kids by 7:50.

8:00-dish up oatmeal, switch laundry.

8:05-shower. So glad my hair is shorter. Wash, dried, styled, make-upped, dressed and ready to go!

8:30-devotions with the kids. Read 3 Psalms of the day. Work on two memory verses. Sing a couple Christmas carols, and pray.

9:05-Say the pledge and sing the National Anthem. Get the kids off reading.

9:10-switch laundry, make bed with clean sheets. Dress Meres. Count stocking ornaments. Clear counters and wash off. Gather recipes.

recipes ready to roll

counters cleared

9:40-start French Bread

9:50-bread is kneading. Start toffee bars.
9:55-toasting walnuts.
10:04-Bread rising. Toffee bars in the oven, starting Goodie Bars.

LC crushing graham crackers for Goodie Bars.

BMV unwrapping candy bars for top of Toffee Bars

10:15-Goodie Bars settling, and waiting for the oven. Starting Lemon Bars

Walnuts toasted
10:19- 1 pound of butter down, 2 to go...
10:32-Toffee Bars done, Goodie Bars in the oven. Mixing filling for the Lemon Bars.
10:40-Lemon Bars ready to bake. Starting biscotti.
10:55-Goodie Bars out, Lemon Bars in.
10:56-laundry break. Also remotely supervising "fun" school. Taught the boys how to do a google search. They are looking up the elements that compose various things. And they made an timeline of Indonesian history. And they read a small portion on President Obama for our time line. We are done with the Presidents!
11:02-punch down bread dough, chopping nuts for biscotti

Shaping biscotti
11:22-biscotti ready. Internet break. Got to check email, twitter, FB, and blog.
11:42-rolling out French bread. Making up ginger bread dough to chill.

12:10-Slicing biscotti for its second baking.
12:20-Open mail and find this lovely ornament from Danette Dillon

A good morning's work
12:23-fold last load of laundry. Wait until between batches of cookies to actually put it away.
12:32-literary lunch. Can't put off the next exciting installment of Harry Potter! He's learning occlumency.
1:20-lunch break is over (bummer). Time to start sugar cookies. Yay!

it was a gorgeously sunshiny day!

2:50-Sugar cookies baked, 

2:50-Biscotti dipped

2:50-rolling out Gingerbread

3:30-last batch of gingerbread ready to bake.

3:30-frosting and decorating sugar cookies. With the kids' help.

4:45-frosting done, packaging begins.

5:20-all done except putting the frosted cookies away. They need to dry a while.

7:15-last cookie put away. Last pan scrubbed. Last counter washed.
7:55-drop in on a neighbor/job Christmas party/house warming.
8:30-pick the oldest 3 up from Bible Club.
9:30-finish typing a day in the life...and abscond for a 9:45 showing of The Hobbit. I hope I can stay awake for 3 more hours!
1:00 a.m. (December 15) Great movie but oh! my bed...how it beckons. So comfortable. Tempur Pedic, you speak my love language! Good night all!

A very long day in the life of a Barefoot Hippie Girl has ended!