Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To Journal or Not to Journal?

We don't journal. Which presents a minor quandary when the homeschool topic this week is journaling.

The kids each have a journal entry question in their spelling books that they answer every week. I love hearing my new readers read the Junie B. Jones books, which are based on her journals. Supposedly.

But, we really haven't made a practice of journaling.

Is that bad?

I am not fundamentally opposed to journalling. After all, this blog could be called my journal. And it is obvious that history is much richer because of the accounts of those who faithfully kept journals.

So, I don't know whether to be guilt tripped or challenged by this week's home school help topic. Well, obviously not guilt tripped. But, is it our one more thing, or would it be a good practice for the kids to get into? We do lots of writing. Letters once a week, reports probably every three weeks or more, and that journal entry for their spelling books.

There are also essay questions in conjunction with our new history course. They could always answer those.

I am pondering. I'll let you know what I decide.

Do your kids journal? What? How?

For other perspectives on journalling from home school mothers who probably actually have their kids journal...=)