Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7: It's on the List

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I'm a list girl. Completely and totally. Menu lists. Grocery lists. Gift lists. Blog post ideas lists. Prayer lists. I am a list lover, and a firm believer that lists make my life more full, happy, and coherent. Which is why I am challenging you to make yourself three lists today.

3 lists. To-do lists.

Yearly. Weekly. Daily.

Goals. Big picture. Focused.

A list is a way to renew your mind and focus your day/week/year. A list can make the difference between aimless chaos and effective progress. Lists are a small change for a full and happier life today.

-January is a great time to evaluate your goals for the up coming year. What do you need to do? Where are you going? What would you like to accomplish? This list can encompass anything from dreams to career steps to vacation plans to fitness goals. What do you see this year containing?

-On Sundays, I like to write a list for the upcoming week. I actually write it in the Notes app on my iPad. (which then automatically emails me the most current copy of the note) My weeks tend to have a rhythm. Certain chores and activities happen on the same day every week. There are also to-dos and activities that are unique to the specific week.

On Sundays, I list all the usual and unique activities of the week, plus what is required of me for the activity. I list Bible studies, if anyone is coming to dinner, potlucks, paperwork that needs to be accomplished. Some things are assigned to a specific day. Some are left unassigned for a free moment.

-Most mornings as I am sipping my cup of coffee, I make myself a list for the day. It usually is 8-10 items long. (Because it is fun for me to check off all the little and big things.) I write down exactly what I hope to accomplish that day.

My lists usually include school, writing, baking, cooking, cleaning, paperwork, and anything else that needs to happen. And anywhere I need to go, and when I need to get there. After all of it is down on paper, I number the list in the order of completion and asterisk 3 things that MUST be done, even if everything else goes to hell in a hand basket. What those things are will depend on the day. Some days it will be to make a fancy dinner. Some days it will be to reheat the leftovers.

Lists are to be encouraging, not discouraging. They give you direction in order to take the next step. They aren't always about results, but about measuring progress.