Thursday, October 18, 2012

Makin' the World Go 'Round

I met my soul sister this weekend. (well, actually, I met at least 3 soul sisters this weekend-but all for different reasons.) The proverbial "sister from another mother." Yeah-her.

She was sitting on the Life Keynote Panel on Friday. The question put forth was how each one got everything done. This lady has two kids, and has a published cookbook, and she blogs. And lives-you know?

Her answer was getting up early and calendars and lists. Like early-early. Like Barefoot Hippie Girl early. Like 4:40 A.M. early.

And I was like..."honey, we must have been separated at birth."

a before school started again list

She writes to-do lists for the satisfaction of crossing off items. She has a big monthly calendar, and then a daily need to do list.

Soul sister all the way...

I actually talked to her after the session, and then we were both in the elevator the next day at 6:00 heading down to the weight room. Running our legs off, and sweating big drops. At least I was. She was probably a cool cucumber.

But, at 6:00 in the morning, you don't have heart to hearts-you just grunt, and go with it.

Later, though, our paths crossed again, and it was just a blessing to my heart to talk. Not as attendee and speaker, but as two women who love God, and have similar personalities.

beauty and family time
Because something I've learned in the shading of my 30s, (as opposed to the black and white of my teens and 20s) is that not everyone has the same personality.

I mean, duh-everyone is different. We all know that. But, we don't all march to the beat of the same drummer. There are different personality types. Some people are making a killing helping others understand their personality types.

I don't know my exact Meyer-Briggs personality, but this I do know...I love lists and goals. And I love getting up early.

I am a morning person. Not a chatty, sunshiny morning person. Just a "the quiet of the morning is my most productive time" morning person. I love the freshness of the new day. The quiet and crispness.

Anyway...rabbit trailin'...

It was a shocker to me to learn that not everyone loves lists. Seriously, what's not to love?=) I have begun to see there that are dreamers and idea people. There are artists and free spirits. That's what makes the world go round.

I wrote my first goal list when I was in 5th grade. I was attending AWANA, and one of the girls was recognized for saying a certain number of sections that week. And I thought to myself, "I can do that."

So, this is what I did-I went home, and mapped out my entire book-which sections I was going to say each week, which verses I was going to memorize. (everyone does that, right?) And I did it. I fulfilled my goal.
Sporting Noel's Beautiful Life's headbands.=)

And I discovered my love for lists and goals. For checking things off.

I started making lists for school work, and for a whole lot of other things. And I found that my list was motivating and clarifying and doable.

And I still make lists. I have weekly lists, and monthly lists. I have grocery lists and reading lists. I have blog idea lists and daily to-do lists. I have long term goal lists, and New Year's resolution lists.

Generally my lists are still helpful. Sometimes they are overwhelming. But, always it is satisfying to cross out something on the list. To have a visual of what I have accomplished.

It shows me that even if I feel like I've gotten nothing done-I still did my Bible study, switched some laundry and made dinner.

this year's school list
It reminds me that school is a big, everyday happening that doesn't really seem to need to be on a list, but that is taking up a huge chunk of my time.

It reminds me that if I really haven't done anything-at least I still took a shower and connected with my Lord.

My lists remind me what I am aiming for. And sometimes they give me the grace to just let go.

not on the list and so don't want to miss it

I've learned that the most important thing about lists is to not miss life because it isn't on the list.

So, friends, what makes you tick? Are you a list person? Or more of an idea person? Free spirit? Something else completely? What floats your boat? How are you making the world go round?