Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Unapologetic World View

So, if you know me very well, you know that I am unapologetic about most things. Because I'm right about most things. Not everything. But, like, 99% of things...

I jest.

Whether I am right the majority of the time or not, I am confident the majority of the time. Loud and proud and all that.

(un)Shockingly enough, I am pretty confident and unapologetic of my worldview.

Simply put-worldview is how you view the world. (Rose-colored glasses is a worldview.) It's the overall perspective from which you see and interpret the world. Your world view is your filter.

Through what lens are you looking at culture, people and events?

Worldview is very important. It affects how you think, and thus how you act.

How do you view this world?

My worldview would fit into the Biblical worldview category. I try to see culture, people and events the way God sees them and Scripture portrays them. I try to fit culture with the Bible, not the Bible with culture. It is the difference between looking through the big or small ends of the binoculars.

And even though this worldview is not in the vogue currently, I will not apologize for it.

Five unequivocal filters in my worldview are...

God is good-all the time. And He is accomplishing good in believer's lives all the time. Circumstances may be rotten, but God is good. (Mark 10:18)

Jesus Christ is the (definite article) Truth. (John 14:6) Jesus Christ is unchanging. (Hebrews 13:8) Therefore, truth is unchanging. Truth is absolute. A truth is something that is true for all people in all situations. Truth is not subject to popular vote, majority opinion or democratic process. Truth is still true even if it is only held and believed by the minority. (the world was still round even when scientists said it was flat. What they believed didn't change the truth)

The Bible is God's Word. Because God cannot lie, then the words contained in the Bible are truth. (Hebrews 6:18)

Every person ever born was born a sinner,(Romans 3:23) and thus needs a Savior.

Jesus Christ died a criminal death on the cross, to fulfill the punishment and pay the price of sinners' sin. (John 3:16)

It only follows that these foundational beliefs shape how I view the world.

When I don't understand something in the Bible, I don't ever question the truth of the Bible.

When culture contradicts the Bible, I err on the side of the Bible. Scripture is right, thus culture must be wrong.

When I go through tough circumstances, my anchor of hope is that God is good. I may not be able to see the goodness in the midst of the trouble, but this assurance keeps me getting up in the morning.

When I meet with people whom I disagree with, or whose life choices/lifestyle I disagree with, I am able to evaluate those choices, etc. by the Bible, and agree or disagree, but also still love the person, because they are a soul for whom Christ died. Because God loves them. That's the truth.

Our world does not appreciate my worldview. The educated would call me brainwashed. Many Christians would call me a bigot. The cultured would say that I am ignorant. They'd tell me that the only reason I believe this book of fairy tales is because it was what I was taught as a kid.

And, I would have to agree that my upbringing definitely shaped my worldview (as did your's). But, that, in and of itself, does not make my world view wrong.

Everyone has a worldview. What's your's?