Thursday, July 24, 2014

Favorites Currently

Occasionally it is time to get back to the basics of blogging, and do a light list of currents favorites...

My favorite (this week):

Bathing Suit-Lands End Slender Suit (here) Okay, this is hands down the most flatteringly modest suit I have ever worn. The girls are completely covered, and the side shirring is very slimming. Wow! I personally prefer my white shell bead necklace with my suit.

you thought I was going to post a picture of myself in my suit?
Snort! Not hardly!

Activity: reading or writing in my backyard in the canopy created by my cherry tree branches. Peaceful. Breezy. Relaxing.

Author: Susanna Kearsley. (here) I mentioned her a while back on my current reads list. I LOVE her writing style and the genre she is dipping in. Her books are fiction, and most are set in modern day with a storyline that also is happening sometime in history.

Splendor Falls bridged now and Medieval times. Firebird was set in France and St. Petersburg in the early 1700s following the story of Jacobites there. Shadowy Horses had a storyline in Wales in Roman times.

She also includes lines of poems by famous poets for in the beginning of each of her books. Awesome!

I am on my fourth title by her, which is all my library system carries. I maybe will do the (almost) unthinkable (for me) and purchase her kindle only books.

Bean Snappers: these four...

Indulgence: M&M McFlurries. What can I say? I love M&Ms on/with ice-cream. I love how the chocolate kind of freezes. Delicious.

Deal: My new bicycling gloves. Brand new. Cost-$22. Cost to me-$0. Plus, more than any of my biking gear, these make me look like I know what I'm doing. It's an optical illusion. But, a nice one.

and, how do you pose your hand in a picture? Awkward!
Recent gift: this colander. From a dear family friend. She gave it to me this spring and I thought in my heart, "ain't nobody got time for a colander!" I always strain things via a tipped pan lid. Well, this beauty has sat atop my fridge, and because it is so handy and convenient, I have used it a ton! It is the perfect size for draining a pound of noodles. Who woulda thought?

Podcasts: Art of Simple (here) and How They Blog (here). I am newly converted to the wonder of podcasts. I listen to them mostly when I dust my house, and I listened to them last week when I sewed. Basically I listen when I am doing a task that doesn't require my full attention. I like the Art of Simple Podcast because I like the host, Tsh Oxenrider. She has a heart for simple living and for travel. These podcasts are about 30 minutes long, which is a perfect length for most tasks.

How They Blog is hosted by Kat Lee. She interviews bloggers about blogging and life. I particularly liked her interviews of Laura Smith, Erin Odom and Denise Hughes. Laura Smith sounds like a kindred "set and accomplish goals" soul. Erin Odom mentioned something about scheduling FB posts for 3:00 a.m. which I have been doing and it has sky rocketed my exposure and traffic. Denise Hughes had some great tips on the nuts and bolts of writing.

Bling: This sterling silver flower ring. So, I paid nothing for the gloves. I paid $2.11 for this ring. Original price-$35. It was 75% off, plus I had $10 in Kohls cash. You can't beat it! It's been a great value because I have worn it every day for the past month...

Thrift Find: this beauty. I don't know why it caught my eye, but it did. Blue glass. Probably holds 2 gallons. I have no idea what I might use it for, but it was one of those things that you buy now and contemplate later. One word-gorgeous!

What's on your favorites list this week?