Thursday, March 6, 2014

She Plans Dinner

A couple days ago I mentioned that if you would have told me a year ago that I would be launching my very own business, I would have snorted a very unladylike snort. Very.unladylike.

Yet, here I am.

I am on the cusp of a soft launch of She Plans Dinner in less than a week. And a full blown launch by April 1. 

How did I get from the snort to the launch?

Well, it is all Allume's fault. That blogging conference I attended last October.... 

There were multiple breakout sessions. During the first hour, I couldn't make up my mind because I really wanted to attend all the sessions. The second hour, I couldn't make up my mind because I really didn't want to attend any of the sessions.

On a whim, I attended a seminar that second hour on how to make money online. Which has never been my heart or my goal. The gestalt was that basically income is generated via advertising and sponsorship or by selling a product. A product can be physical or digital.

I'm too small for advertising and writing posts based on certain sponsored product is not how I envision my space here.

I would go insane making a physical product. Making the same print, necklace, scarf, or ______ over and over and over again would drive me nuts. Certifiably. Plus with a physical product there are issues of inventory and storage, continuous hands on time, and overhead. 

A digital product requires no inventory, has little overhead, and can actually not be overly time consuming. A digital product can be a skill set or service. Really, the sky is the limit both for ideas and growth potential. The venture could grow to be huge or could stay small. 

One of the ideas mentioned in passing was meal planning

That was the seed that was implanted in my mind and heart. I thought, "I could do that." 

I love cooking. I love planning menus. I love cooking efficiently, but also ascetically. I love meals that are delicious and nutritious without taking way more time to prepare than to consume. I love beating the system and eating well on a budget.

I could share recipes. I could plan bi-weekly menus. I could assemble grocery lists. I could do it all online, so that it is a service that is location independent both for me (the planner), and for the consumer.

I counted the costs and weighed options. I prayed about this seed, and I talked with my husband. I talked to friends, all of whom were very excited about the concept. My people saw potential. 

I love the thought that this would require a minimum of effort from me and time away from my family every month. Currently each meal plan is taking 5 hours or less to assemble. And that is still working the bugs out. That means that I should be able to spend 10 hours per month on the planning. I love that the start up costs are fairly minimal, and that my monthly expenses consist of a babysitter and a Panera Bread meal or two. Well, and web hosting and an email mailing.

I love that it is an opportunity that is stretching me. On the technical end of things and the not so technical. I love that it is a creative outlet. I love that it is sinking the concept into my heart of every yes requiring a corresponding no. So, maybe the bathroom gets a lick and a promise one this week (or not even that). I love that this venture is stretching my own family's horizons in the food department. (we have tried more new recipes the past month or two than in a long time) I love that I am growing in the photography skillz department. 

So, this is happening. Now. It's crazy! And good. Stay tune for more details. Pray for me. Especially about all the technical stuff. That is not my favorite part of it all. Like She Plans Dinner on Facebook to stay in the loop and receive some follower exclusive coupon codes. Tell your friends about She Plans Dinner. 

Monday, I will share more about my heart for She Plans Dinner and what services we will be offering.