Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Livin' the Dream

I have two dreams currently that are vying for prominence in my heart. They may be mutually fulfillable or mutually exclusive. The issue is whether there is funds for both. And if not, which would I rather have? 

These are desire of my heart kind of dreams. So far out there that they almost seem impossible. But God knows.

My first current big dream is to live in Europe for a year. Not as a missionary, but purely as student/tourists. I love history. I love connecting the dots. I love the way we are doing our school this year, and I am thrilled that we will be thoroughly covering world history over the next 6 years.

The cherry on top of our studies would be to visit Europe and all the cities we have studies. To tramp through castles and museums, courtyards and churches. That is my dream. And it will be expensive. Not just to get there, but to live there, and to not go bankrupt without a year's worth of income while gone.

Which is where She Plans Dinner might come in. It is a location independent source of income. I can be anywhere selling subscriptions, making menus and lists. So, maybe, just maybe...

My second big dream is one that has been in the corner of my heart for much longer. That of a house tucked out in the woods somewhere. By a stream or a lake. Maybe in the mountains. Definitely secluded. Quiet. Peaceful. A refuge from the scurrying of the world.

Obviously this wouldn't be terribly cheap either.

But, regardless, God knows. He knows both the dreams in my heart. He knows dreams that will grow in my heart that aren't even a twinkle to me yet. And He knows how those dreams fit in with His perfect plan for me and mine.

I got to live my second dream for a few days this past weekend. We were blessed to borrow a friend's vacation home. A house in the woods. Within easy walking distance of a huge (frozen) body of water. Separate from people. Perfect for the soul.

Mr. Hippie and I dropped the offspring off at another friend's house on Thursday, and then we dropped off the grid. (which is why there was no post yesterday. I lived life. Away)

We holed up with our books and our games, our memories and our dreams. We drank coffee and cocoa in front of roaring fires. We woke up to the sight of each other and of snow laden trees. We hiked and gathered sticks. We laughed at movies and talked. We cooked. We got our van stuck in a snowbank. We were still. 

my view the majority of the weekend...

windswept beauty
I am amazed at how the lakes have frozen this water. It is smooth ice. The hills are frozen waves. 
I love the colors in the sky in this picture...
What dreams are currently burrowing in your heart? How are your dreams different this March day, than they were last March?