Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pie Socializing

Away back in January, I urged each of my readers to plan a party. Because I was planning a party, and misery loves company? Or company breaks up the misery of an interminable winter?

Regardless, my party was this past weekend.
before another several pies showed up...
I hosted a pie social at my house. And it was crazy. Crazy good!

The wonderful thing about hosting a party towards the end of February or beginning of March is that it is a ray of sunshine and it breaks up the winter monotony. Everyone is so sick and tired of winter. There are no holidays or anything to look forward to. Everyone has been hibernating. A party brings people out of their caves for some good food and conversation and laughter.

I invited a ton of people. At least, a ton of people for my 1500 square foot house. I just invited and invited and didn't really tally up the numbers until Friday morning. That's when I figured out that I had approximately 24 adults and 30 kids (11 and under, plus one 13 year old) descending on my house Saturday evening.

I did not panic. 

Or freak out.

I did wonder how in the world everyone was going to fit.

But, we decided to designate the upstairs kids' bedrooms and the basement as kid's areas. My bedroom as the nursing mom/baby area. And the main floor as the adult area. It was full and loud, but it was good.

As I was sitting at my dining room table on Saturday, mentally thinking through plates and pies and decorations, I realized that I could move my table from the center of the room to the corner, which would free up a whole lot of floor space, and provide another hanging out area.

I pretty sure that was a "God" idea. Because it worked brilliantly. And I'd never thought to do it before.

Anyway, we ended up with 18 adults and 22 kids, 9 pies, and a great time. It was a blessing to be surrounded by our people. The people who love us, and have been friends with us for years. The people who pray for us, and stick with us through the good and bad, the pretty and the ugly.

My belly was definitely fed, as was my soul. 

blueberry pie

grapes...healthy, plus the kids love them. And they add color.

Peanut Butter Pie. My contribution. I've been niched. My reputation is indelibly tied to my peanut butter pie.
Oh well, I could have a reputation for a whole lot worse things.

Quite the variety. And color scheme.

So there was a blackberry pie, blueberry pie, meat pies, key lime pie, thoroughbred pie, peanut butter pie, berry custard pie, strawberry icebox pie, cream puff pie, and a salted caramel pie (not shown).

Strawberry Icebox Pie
The moral of this story is that I would once again urge you to throw a party. It doesn't have to be huge. (I like facilitating crowds. It's weird, because I am kind of an introvert. I don't mind washing the dishes and feeding everyone. Though this time my sister in law washed all the plates and forks...bless her heart. Plus she brought 2 pies. She's a jewel-on many levels.)

Invite over a few of your friends. Make it fancy or simple. Share the food load. Drink lots of coffee and share lots of laughs. Remember your shared history. Share your dreams for the future. Be encouraged and challenged and fed. Have fun.