Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 28: Plan a Party

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We are buried in snow here. Again. Snow days have abounded. Cabin fever abounded.

Get.me.out.of here.

Winter is (by the calendar) almost half way over. The end is not quite in site. We are knee deep in always winter-never Christmas.

Which is why I just scheduled my annual Cabin Fever party.

We are hosting a pie social. Not a old-fashioned, bid on your sweetheart'e/wife's pie. Just a bring a pie, and we'll wash it down with lots of coffee and conversation.

This is the third year we have thrown a winter party. We plan it for the end of February or the beginning of March. That way it is generally still winter, but holiday harried-ness is over and spring is within realistic hoping distance.

Today I want to challenge you to plan your own party. Open your home within the next 5-6 weeks for a formal or informal event. You can host a wing night, or a cheese tasting party, a game night or a sledding party. To lighten your load, ask everyone to bring something.

I am all about online stuff too, and Evite makes it really easy to invite people to your party. I even found some very hippie-ish looking invites for my party. Evite is awesome-if you want to take invitations a step beyond a FB event. Though no one is saying you have too.=)

When are you going to have your party? Who are you going to invite? Me?