Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Got Paradox?

Life is full of paradoxes...situations, persons, or things that combine contradictory features or qualities. At least, my life is characterized by a few notable paradoxes.

-I am the Barefoot Hippie Girl. Emphasis on barefoot. I love being barefoot.
Paradox: I don't run barefoot. And second barefoot paradox: I revel in wool socks and polka dot tights. So, basically, it's all or nothing.

-My love language is quality time. (I took the test, but the results certainly did not surprise me.) I need quality time with my quality people.
Paradox: I am an introvert, and really, I could survive on a desert island all by myself. I love quiet and being all by myself. One of my favorite times ever was when I was up cooking at the wilderness camp and everyone was gone but me and one other person. There was like 2 people in a 10-15 mile radius. We went our separate ways and didn't even glimpse each other all day. That was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

-My dream date would be sitting by a fire with a big cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Just talking and relaxing and reading books. Forever.
Paradox: the older I have gotten, the more active I have become. I get twitchy if I skip too many work out sessions. I need to move. Swim, bike, run, walk. Which means more of our dates are active than passive.

this is not a paradox...I just love flowers. And this flower reminds me that spring is inevitable. 

-I enjoy seeing new cities. Traveling. Exploring.
Paradox: I really don't like the journey, just the destination. Though I do enjoy road trips with Mr. Hippie for the sake of quality time and conversation. (see #2)

-My personal decorating philosophy is less stuff, less stuff to clean. Spartan is pretty good. I feel like it is a waste of my time to decorate more than 5.5 minutes.
Paradox: I love looking at magazine pictures of beautiful homes. I love visiting beautiful homes. So, basically, I don't consider it a waste of other's time to decorate. Just mine.

-My blog name is Barefoot Hippie Girl. 'Cause I am a bit unconventional and anti-bandwagon.
Paradox: I am not a hippie. At all. I'm more of a June Cleaver type. But, Barefoot June Cleaver doesn't have the same ring to it. I'm very conservative, but very not do what everyone else is doing.

What paradoxes are true of you?