Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not Walking the Line

the girls' reorganized room
I am all about teaching my kids musical appreciation. Of all different genres. We sing hymns every morning together-learning their tunes, words, and stories. (Check out some of our favorite under Hymns and Haws on my Favorites Page)
I packed up Meres' crib. She is camping out on the bottom bunk now.

We attend blues concerts in a park near our house every Tuesday during the summer.

Our Pandora dial is set to Motown, Beach Boys and Leahy.

I'm all about most types of music-except rap and hard rock. It's just not my thing. Mr. Hippie is into Lecrae, though, and I still love him.

So when I looked through my swag bag from the Influence Blogging Conference this fall, I was excited to find a cd of lullabies. And not of the Brahms and Mozart brand either.

This was a cd from Tree Top Records, an outfit out of Nashville, belonging to one of my blogging friends, Amanda Williams. (she also has a fun blog) She and her husband, David, have put together a line of lullaby albums that are unique. To quote them:

"Cradle Rock takes iconic albums and songs and transforms them into instrumental lullabies. Using soothing tones from vibraphones, mellotrons and more, some of the greatest music in Country, Rock and Pop is now arranged in a way that you can expose your little music lover to your favorite songs. Every album in the Cradle Rock series is produced with the parent and child in mind. The melodies and tempos stay true to the originals, while the tones are softened to make the overall song a true lullaby."

Their Johnny Cash album was in my swag bag, and I won a the Garth Brooks disc in a giveaway a month or two ago. And I have to say that I really like them both. And so do my kids.

My kids are very familiar with the music of a Johnny Cash like Walk the Line and Ring of Fire. They love listening to this rendition of his popular songs. Garth Brooks isn't as familiar, but Mr. Hippie knows them all.

They have 3 lines of ablums-pop, country and rock which include U2, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Michael Jackson and Kenny Chesney. They offer individual cd's for $11.98, or bundles of 4 for $24.99. An absolute steal of a deal. I hope you will check them out, and take a listen on their home page (here) and maybe pick one out for your family. They are also available on iTunes, and Amazon.

Btw, this is a totally unsolicited review. I have not been compensated in any way for expressing my opinion. I only share products I genuinely like. And I hope you will like them too.

my new stack of books from the library today. can't wait to get into them!

Btw #2, a while ago I reviewed Olive Us, fun shorts of Gabrielle Blair's 6 kids in France. Well, they have some new episodes out, and you might want to watch them with your kids. Like I did. (here) They are fun, clean, educational, and have a catchy jingle that Meres loves to jive to.

Btw #3-my other new favorite product is my salad spinner from Pampered Chef. In case you were wondering. I have never spun salad before. It is quite fun to get it (manually) revved up, and spinning away. I sometimes wonder if it is going to attain lift off. And it does a great job of drying the lettuce too. Win-win.

What are you loving these days? This last day of the love month? Tell me in the comments.