Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just a Day in the Life (of a Barefoot Hippie)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
5:22(A.M.!!!) Mr. Hippie's alarm goes off. Church bells. He rolls over, turns it off, and we both go back to sleep.
5:31-I guess he didn't turn it off, because I'm hearing church bells again.
5:40-I kick Mr. Hippie out of bed when I hear those bells a third time. If he doesn't get up now, coffee won't be made when I get up.
5:56-I hear Meres over the AC. "Dad, dad!" interspersed with wails. I get up, and get a layer of running duds on.
6:00-my cricket alarm is sounding as I pick up Meres for our morning snuggle/feed.
6:01-here comes Mr. Hippie with my morning cup of jo. Which is a good thing, because I am manually propping my eyelids open. We settle down for a sip-sip-grunt a comment rhythm. We both are more awake around 6:20.
6:31-Meres is back in bed. Getting all my running gear on-shoes, hat, industrial strength running undergarments, tank top, socks. It's 61 degrees outside-perfect for a run. And let me tell you, I need to run. We have a race on Saturday.
6:48-out the door after linking up with Timewarp Wife. (I have my priorities straight)
6:55-exchange brief PDA with Mr. Hippie as we pass each other going opposite directions. He is 1/2 mile from home-I am 5-1/2 miles out.
7:44-back home-6 DONE! Not as fast as I want, but in good enough time that I have high hopes for Saturday. (I explained about my running optimism here) Start the kids' oatmeal while mopping sweat. BMV and LC awake, Freckles and Meres still sleeping.
7:55-shower time.
8:17-showered, shaved, legs lotioned, make up on, hair in a head band air drying. Make bed.
8:20-sit down with pen and notebook to strategize day. Read my Psalms. Totally blessed by Psalm 100.
(8:25)-pay us. I love phone banking.
8:36-start writing blog, checking emails, etc.
9:41-blog posted. Break for breakfast.
9:47-back to checking links, reading other social media. Set time limit of 10:30.
10:30-curl hair. Take "hold the camera" pics with each kid.
10:38-mix up batch of Chocolate chip cookies.
11:05-first batch of cookies in the oven. Start the stove top burners, and drip pans to soaking. Paperwork. Alternate writing checks with baking cookies. Kids reading Eric Liddell together, then play outside until 12:45.
11:57-paperwork done. 9 checks written, envelopes addressed. Thousands poorer. But so thankful we have the money to pay our bills. Start scrubbing kitchen.
meres trying to steal LC's cookie
12:15-milk and cookie/social media break
12:25-back to the grindstone. Scrubbing stove, counter tops, cupboard fronts. A general degreasing, finger print and dust removal. Make kids' lunches.
1:30-kitchen is done as it is going to get. Literary "lunch" hour. Read 2 chapters from HP. Bagel break about midway through.
3:00-afternoon computer check up time. Reading posts, Facebook, checking out those who have linked up in my "party"
3:20-give both boys haircuts. Essential as have almost reached "Locks of Love" proportions.
4:00-give filthy girls a bath. This was NOT planned, but since we are in the midst of a drought-if you even look outside, you get dirty. Meres was grey-from head to toe.
4:30-vacuum basement and main floor. I guess Tuesday van/dusting is not going to get done on Tuesday. I am out of time.
5:05-start BLTs for dinner. (find recipe here) My newly degreased stove top gets splattered with bacon grease. Not cool! Slice tomato, mozzarella cheese, and sour dough bread, wash and dry lettuce, and assemble sandwiches.
5:45-pop sandwiches in oven to toast nicely, and finish getting gear together for concert/picnic.
5:55-wrap those babies individually in foil.
6:03-out the door and heading north to Rockford.
6:24-meet up with the BFF and her family for our weekly summer picnic/ Blues concert in the Park. Spend the next 2-1/2 hours eating, listening to great music, catching up on life news, and watching kids. Especially Meres, who found wood chips and kept trying to eat them.
this is the oft talked about, though never photographed, BFF
9:35-arrive home, unpack, plunk 4 tired kids in bed.
9:45-one last checking out of social media before bed. Get clothes out for morning swim.
10:10-a tired Barefoot Hippie tucks it in for the day.

*A couple things...
This is a pretty typical early in the week day for me. Monday-Wednesday are my busier days. I try to leave Thursday and Friday more open. I do paperwork and cleaning M-W. Th/F are generally baking days.
But, because it has been cooler this week, I am getting my baking done early.
I only do laundry on M/W/F-which allows me to focus on other things on T/TH.
I found that I spend way too much time on the computer-and this was being conscious of that. I didn't want 6 hours of my day in the life to be filled with computer time. I am going to set my self limits from now on.
I do a lot of what I like to call "simultaneous" living-doing two tasks at once. (cookies and paperwork or cleaning) That is why my day looks packed.
Even though I did a lot yesterday, I still took almost 2 hours in the afternoon to read to my kids. It is the best part of our day/summer.
I don't do it all, but I was feeling the need to whip some things into shape after the holiday, and the heat. Today will be busy again, but TH/F I will get a lot of reading and relaxing done.

Btw, though I packed my swim bag...I turned off my alarm this morning and slept another 90 minutes.

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