Monday, May 14, 2012

"Got the T-Shirt"

I was driving home from a very early meeting this morning, and the radio dj asked, "who had the best weekend ever?" And I was totally like, "I did!"=) As a matter of fact, it was so awesome, this is going to be a to be continued blog posting.
Doing work
I am privileged to be a mom to these characters.
Mr. Hippie teaching the boys how to use a saw. Why?
It wasn't my idea. Thanks, older bro, for giving BMV several saws.
How about the moment I woke up yesterday, to my alarm chirping. Literally. I have an iPod, and my alarm is crickets. And I roll over, and there is LC in bed with me. She says, "Happy Mother's Day, mom." And it just warmed my heart. Then she follows it up with, "when's kid's day?" I told her that I remember asking my mom the very same question when I was about her age. And I gave her the answer my mom gas me. "Kid's day is every day."=) I do sound more like my mom with each passing day.

My four treasures made me a mom. And I couldn't be more proud.

Meres in a dress LC wore for my sister's wedding.
Well, I did it. I ran the 25k. I reached my goal. It was an amazing, and amazingly hard, experience. I think it was the fifth (physically) hardest thing I have ever done. It required my all-physically and emotionally. Race day weather was perfect-65 degrees and overcast. We lined up between the 9s and 9-1/2s, but closer to the 9-1/2s. We took off, and crossed the start about 3 minutes after the gun. Not bad for a crowd of almost 6 thousand. And it was wonderful...for the first 7-1/2 miles. We did an average 9:10 pace until that point. Then my hip started giving me grief. I changed up my stride a bit, which helped the hip, but made my muscles spasm. I stretched, and ran, and walked for the next 8 miles. It was painful and hard. I was very discouraged. Discouraged because it was harder than I hoped. (you know, I am pessimistic/realistic about everything in life but my race times. I always am way optimistic about those.=)) But Mr. Hippie kept right there with me, encouraging me, helping me to keep on. We clocked in at 2:45, ten minutes longer than my worst case scenario, and 25 minutes longer than my best case scenario. Mr. Hippie ran ahead for the last half mile. I wanted him to finish triumphantly. And I ran that bit by myself too. But, the thing is, you aren't alone. Along that entire way is your "great cloud of witnesses." It's the
ones who ran before and are done. It is loved ones who are supporting you. It is just spectators who come out to watch and to support the runners. And they are lining the way, cheering each participant in the home stretch. And there I am running along-barely-and the crowd is cheering. And I can't even begin to describe how I felt. I felt proud to complete the race. I was emotional-almost crying. I felt supported. I felt pain. But, it was unbelievable. You only know the feeling if you've run a race, and come up that stretch. The crowd is saying, "you're almost there. Keep going. Don't give up. You've done it."(I crying right here as I'm typing this.=)) My two thoughts I was thinking as I was running between the cheering spectators was that I am almost done, and this is what heaven is like. This is what our great cloud of witnesses is doing right now for us. The Old Testament saints, the New Testament saints, and Jesus Christ. They are watching us run our Christian race, cheering us on and saying, "it's hard-but don't give up. You are almost here. Finish strong. Follow our example." Hebrews 11-12. That's what it is all about. Btw, Hebrews 11-13 is the theme of the four DVBSs Mr. Hippie and I are leading this summer. And having just gone through this, I am so pumped to share this with the kids. It is pertinent.
My partner. I love you, Babe!
We were completely whipped when we were done. Muscles hurt, and joints. In our crowd, the young guys refer to various and sundry things as "beat-down." Well, Mr. Hippie does what I like to call his post race "eat-down." Personally, I have expended myself so much, that I am not hungry. I drink, and eat a little. Not Mr. Hippie...he inhales food. Continually. For hours. He ate 4 granola bars, 2-3 bagels, 2 yogurts, and 2 bananas in the space of about an hour. He then ate more food later, and topped the day off with a big Mexican meal.
Two days later, how am I feeling? Not bad, thanks.=) My hip is still not right, but I have an appointment set up with my chiro tomorrow. Everything else feels great.
Yes, I wear tinted chap stick, and earrings, when I race.=)
And, this is a before pic. The after is too scary.=)
I learned a lot from this race. Races are never easy. Most everyone doing this race put forth their all. We decided that we are going to do some running workshops. Hopefully get some ideas as to what you do when you get muscle spasms. And, I am going to start exercises to strengthen my hips. Because, I am in this for the duration. I am a runner. I may not finish first, or in the first 5000 (well, I was in the first 5000. I beat 1000 other people=)) But I finished. I ran the race set before me. And, I am done bragging. =)
And, am I a glutton for punishment? Yes. This morning I signed up for 2 more races-a 5K in less than a month, and a half marathon in September.
So tomorrow I am going to be out pounding the pavement again.