Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feast for the Senses

Well, Mr. Hippie absconded the premises about 7:30 this morning, and I've been BUSY! Within 4 hours of him walking out the door, every piece of furniture in the living room, excepting the buffet, had been moved. And I love the new arrangement. It makes the room seem bigger, and uncluttered somehow, though nothing actually left the room except some books. The kids keep saying that "dad is going to be surprised..."=) I hope so. It is now also baby-proof to some extent. I am sure Meres will appreciate that. Btw, Meres is 9 months today! Where has the time gone?!
"My" new little corner

The piano swung around to the adjacent wall.
 I think it looks nice without too much fuss.
The plaid couch is in the corner on an angle.

Bumped the bookshelf down, and put this couch here.
Hung more pictures for balance, and viola'!

Not only did Mr. Hippie abscond with his person, he also took the laptop. What is up with that? Whatever happened to the old fashioned method of note taking? (That would be pen and paper.) Now blogging must happen at the basement computer. Inconvenient! And if I play Words with Friends with you, this is not going to happen as frequently this week either. I usually play on my iPod, but it isn't working right. Thus I must come downstairs, and it just takes too much time. I have projecting to accomplish!
A friend bequeathed us three new(to us), matching bookcases last week. Today I sorted out our family library, organizing it neatly on our library-esque shelves. With them all lined up in a row, it is remeniscient of built in shelving, which is a look I love. My nose is running from handling all these dusty books. But I am very pleased with how it turned out. I traded 3 units, for 3. I am very much that way. I try not to just add stuff. (It goes back to that whole moving idea.) Something comes into the house and another something leaves. One bookcase has seen much better days, and will find its way to a dumpster on the Mr.'s job site. The second emptied bookcase is a behemoth that Brian built in his pre-Hippie state. It is made out of 2"thick particle board. It weighs a ton. And is rather ugly. I am going to repurpose it as a raised bed garden. Isn't that very hippie-ish?=) I am not exactly sure what I am going to plant in it-maybe pole beans or maybe flowers. But I think it is going to be neat. I have been gathering ideas on Pinterest so we will see what shakes out. But as I can't move it on my own, it will have to stay where it is until Mr. Hippie and his crew of mighty men can bring it up and out. The final emptied bookcase is a big unknown. The boys want it in their room, which I can see it as their catch all for all their junk. They don't really need a catch all. It could stay in the basement to display their lego models. Or it could lie sidewise, and be a cubby hole-bench thing. Or, it could find its way to the curb. I am going to think some more on it.
The new bookcases. We own a lot of books.
And, this isn't all of them either.
I tried two new recipes today. One was a delicious and easy pasta dish. It has spicy sausage, cremini mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. The other was Reeses Cheesecake Brownies. Oh my word! These were absolutely amazing! And very simple too. Destined to be a favorite!
My new favorite dessert. Mr. Hippie asked me to freeze him one.
That would be the nice thing to do...
Spring has sprung here in MI, and what a sensory feast! The trees are bright green, and fuzzy brown with new leaves and buds. There are fields of happy daffodils. Things smell fresh and clean. And the sounds! I love sounds. Hearing is probably my most favorite sense. I can't say that I have terribly acute hearing, but sound is very stimulating for me. I would be bereft if I ever lost my hearing. Here is what I am enjoying hearing this spring...
Birds chirping outside my open bedroom windows. I love waking up to that sound!
Train whistles. Such a haunting sound. I have really liked this sound since I was a camp cook. The train was an integral part of camp life. It signaled the arrival and departure of campers, meal times, etc.. Now we have a train track about 1/2 mile from our house. And I get to hear train whistles several times a day.
Racing feet. The minutes before a race starts are full of nervous energy and people talking, but once the race starts all that fades into the sound of serious feet pounding the pavement.
Tea kettles shrilly whistling that it is time for a soothing cuppa.
My children's laughter as they play nicely together. Or as they laugh at their own, or their dad's corny jokes.
Grandfather clocks chiming the hour.
Clocks and watches ticking the seconds.
Fountains. Running water. Waterfalls. Waves. Crashing or tinkling, I love the sound of running water.

Silence...the sound of silence. All the kids tucked in bed. No music. No talking. No phone ringing. Stillness. And I creep around, trying not to disturb it.