Monday, March 19, 2012

Beatle Mania and Bible Conference

It's Monday AGAIN! And, what a weekend! There was really nothing relaxing about it. But it was still a very memorable mid-March weekend.
Brian and I went to the symphony on Friday night. It was Live and Let Die-The Music of Paul McCartney. This translated into a toe tapping, hand clapping, phone waving(encore only) show.=) I had a lot of fun. I got to hear some of my Beatle favorites, as well as a good dose of songs I'd never heard. Some were just weird like "I am the Egg Man, They are the Egg Men, I am a Walrus." What does that even mean? I'm thinking that has drug connotations, and was probably drug fueled. But we also heard some good ones like "Hey Jude" and "Yesterday". The GR Symphony really shown in a few numbers. Great piccolo, sax, and trumpet stuff. The group who did the show are some, if not the, for most Beatle imitator group. There was a Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison. They had the accents and mullet down to a T. Mr. Hippie, of course, is more familiar with this music than I am. I have never had a good mind for remembering groups and their hits. I have my favorite songs, but most of the time I have no idea who wrote or performed them. I have to say the funniest part of the experience was the older couple sitting next to me. They were probably in the 70s, and were season ticket holders from Holland. And they had NO IDEA what they were getting into with this concert. The gentleman befriended me before. We talked about the weather, etc. Well, during the intermission he leaned over and said, that the symphony is not usually like this. It is usually calmer.=) He inferred that this was probably more my kind of music than his.=) I tried not to laugh. I was impressed. They stuck it out through the whole concert. You have to realize, the symphony crowd is an older group-50s plus generally. I wonder if it is because it is expensive. But concerts at other venues here in town are as expensive or more so. I think the symphony is probably trying to reach a more diverse age bracket by bringing in the not so classical shows. I think the Pops series is fun. Certainly it doesn't put me to sleep like the classical line. Anyway...another good show. Three down, two to go.

Saturday morning came way to early, and we even slept in...until 6:45.=) We dropped the kids off at 8:00 and headed to EGR for our race. It was a glorious morning. The sun was rising, the air was crisp enough, and flowers were blooming. There was a great mass of people crammed into a fairly small area. There are 2 races. The men race at 9:00 and the ladies race at 9:35. I spent most of the time between the guy's start and the ladies waiting in line for the port-a-jon. Well, without giving a blow by blow account of the race, I'll just say, it went okay. I didn't reach my goal of a 24 minute race. I did it in 25:05. That is a minor bummer. But, my goal for all my 5Ks is to be in the top 10%. I hit that in my division, and was just over that overall. I am pretty proud of that. I felt like I was trucking the whole time. Obviously I have to cut over 20 seconds per mile. But that is possible. Next time...
We went to a Bible conference on Saturday afternoon. The speaker was very simple, very encouraging and very challenging. I was bummed that we only got to sit in on one session. The other two we taught the kids. That was fun too. We both focused on sight. Mr. Hippie taught about Elisha, his servant and the Syrian army. I taught about Bartimaeus, and John Newton. We came home and unwound with some Hogan's Heroes. Both of us fell asleep during the third episode. It was only about 9:30.=)
Sunday was full with church, potluck, a nap for Meres, and then visiting the rest home to participate in their hymning. It was a great day. We wanted to go back to the conference, but Meres needed to nap. We stayed home and talked.
And now it is Monday. I slept in and didn't swim. I figured I needed the sleep more that the swim. We ran, I am doing laundry, and paperwork, and we are heading out to grocery shop soon.
She has stood herself up at the couch once.

I love watching her feet and legs.
They are an accurate barometer to measure her mood.
Kicking legs=happy. She loves her swing.
By the way...I know that spring is almost here-on the calendar. And that it probably isn't here to stay-weather-wise. But this barefoot hippie girl is enjoying being barefoot. Oh the wondrous feeling of bare toes in sandals! And seeing bare baby feet. I love, love, LOVE it!=)
Tomorrow I send off the Mr. for four days.
And it will be projecting time!