Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Armed and Dangerous

Panoply (pan-o-ply) noun: A complete and impressive array. Panopolis has a panoply of salon services.
Origin:1576, from Greek panoplia "complete suit of armor," from pan-"all" + hopla-"arms" of a hoplites (heavily armed solider) Non-armorial sense first recorded 1829.
I stumbled across panoply yesterday as I was doing my Bible study. "Put on the whole armor of God" could rightly be translated, "put on the panoply of God." The Greek word for whole armor-panoplia is a cognate of panoply. From what I can tell, cognate means two words in different language spelled the same and with the same meaning. I think this is going to be a fun word to work into everyday conversations.
1. He owns a panoply of monopolies.
2. The Henry Ford Museum has a panoply of 20th century cars.
3. My husband possesses a panoply of Bibles, which he promised to cull through.
4. Ethan is impressed by the panoply of skills our Armed Forces receive training in.

ONE of today's projects-a Pinterest adaptation.
I decided the move the right flower over to the left grouping.
What do you think?


After this week, I think Mr. Hippie could very well owe me a trip to Panopolis to experience their panoply of services. 

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