Thursday, March 22, 2012

Randomness and Blog Lovin'

I always have projects to do while Mr. Hippie is gone. The whole "when the cat is gone, the mice will play" idea. (Though this mouse never plays. She just projects.) As a matter of fact, when I talked to my mom last week, she asked me what projects I had up my sleeve. I was doing pretty good, until today. My motivation to do anything flew right out the window. That nice, open window by my rocking chair, in my new "nook". Oh well.
Cherry tree
Our cherry tree blossomed overnight. As  did the area magnolia trees. They are gorgeous! I think magnolia trees are just ho-hum 98% of the year. But for this short period of time in the spring, they just can't be beat for beauty. I love them. I am tempted to put one somewhere...
Finally the teeth captured in a photo
I was sitting in my nice nook holding Meres this morning, and I was overcome with the preciousness of what I possess in my children. There was this little sweetie snuggled on my lap with her head nestled in the hollow of my shoulder. She was sleepy. And all I could see was her wispy blonde hair, and her chubby thighs. And it was a moment I'd like to capture in my mind's eye, and hold it in my memory forever. Hmmm...
Creativity in progress
My projecting has moved forward a little today. A little, mind you. I have 2 neices' birthdays this weekend. I thought I would make them up both little purses. You know the ones-about 8x8", flat, with a flap closure, and a LONG narrow strap. The ones I've seen are random, kind of crazy quilt style. I thought to myself, "self, you can make one of those." Except, this self is so organized that random is a huge challenge. Currently I have a pile of different size and shape(?) triangles that I am theoretically going to piece together tomorrow into something resembling a purse-or two. We'll see. Hopefully I won't end up making a HL run to get a last minute gift because they ended up being a hair pulling out disaster.
My washer, dryer, and freezer are covered with pattern pieces and material for our Easter dresses. I got the pieces for the girls' dresses sorted out. That is always a big chore whenever I sew. Actually laying the pattern out, and cutting, don't take that long. I also think I am going to sew myself up a long peasant skirt, with 3-4 different materials. I have a problem...all the bottoms that were too small for me last summer are almost too big for me this summer. I am pleased, but I am also ready for something that fits comfortably.
Escape route...
This is the front of my house. You can't see them as well right now as you could a few days ago, but there are two ladders and a plank right in front of my bedroom window. My favorite older bro, who lives down the block, wondered to his wife if they were for my boyfriends to visit while Mr. Hippie is gone. Little does he know. They are for me to sneak out of the house while Mr. Hippie is gone.=)

Have you ever noticed the "other blogs I love to read" feed in my left hand column? If you haven't ever checked them out, you might enjoy them.
Natetphotois my bro's photo blog. He is doing a 365 day photo thing. And he is really good.
I stumbled across RetroMummy on my own blogger feed a while back. Retro Mummy is an Australian stay at home mom of 4, with #5 on the way. She is crafty, and funny. She is a former lawyer.
I found Idontbelieveingrammar by hitting the next blog link on my own blog. This is a Catholic mother of 4 or 5, a runner, and she stays at home. Her language isn't always as pure as driven snow, but she reminds me of me.
Twinklingalongis an old friend's wife's blog. She has an eye for beauty, and she inspires me. She posts beautiful pictures from her life. We are very similar though she is much more artistic to my organizational-ness. I wish I was more random like her.
Organizing Mommy is someone I have fringe known forever. Her goal is to share her adventures in trying to be organized. She is funny. And real.

Anyway, check out one or two. You might find a keeper.=)