Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the Old-In with the New!

Happy New Year, everyone! 2012! Another year full of possibilities, and dire predictions-if you are into that stuff. Me, personally, well, I believe that the world will end when it ends, and I am not going to worry about it. And it probably won't be this year, because God says we don't know the day or the hour. And since 2012 has been so hyped, there's a pretty good chance that it will just carry on like normal.
Btw, my first blog of a new year. Now isn't that cool?=) Everything else has been archived to 2011, and this one is 2012. And, I know, it is church time, so why am I blogging? We decided it would be better for everyone if we kept our germs at home. Thank you very much. I really whooped it up last night. In bed by 9:00, definitely sleeping before any ball dropped. But today I feel much better. Not 100%, but probably about 85%.
The are many "cleaning" images, but this one
best sums up this time of year cleaning.=)
The turning of a new year, switching out of the calendars always gives me an itch. The "cleaning and purging like a mad woman" itch. It is sorting time and filling the trash can time, and trying to find room for all the Christmas loot. It is time for filling bags for Goodwill, and cleaning the house really good. It is getting back to the minimalist approach after the holiday clutter and chaos. As I sit here, my tree is still up. I just never got around to it this week. Having 2/3 of the family get the flu the past couple days didn't help with that game plan. There are all the decorations still up. Most will get packed away into their boxes, but some are going to the trash. Like the string of lights on the banister that gave up the ghost rather early this season. Instead of glowing softly they have been black since mid-December. After everything comes down, we will vacuum and dust really well. And it will practically be a whole new room. Then I look at Brian Marcus who almost has enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. Okay, not really, but he so needs a haircut. Definitely a today or tomorrow project. And the girls' room needs some work. Their room is rather small, and they have limited and overflowing drawers. I have got to figure out something different. Plus, Meredith has outgrown her 3-6 month one piece outfits, so they can be packed away. Which will give me more space. But which also leads to the task of sorting out bins in the basement. And I look at the basement and think, "if we ever had to move...."=) Actually, that is not a smiley thought. Its a horrifying one. We have moved twice in our marriage, and each time our stuff just multiplies. What is with that? And now we have a garage and shed to deal with too. I think we better just plan on staying here forever. And how about the unruly mess on the fridge. Pictures and such have pilled up for the past year. Now it is time to update everything with new ones we received this season. Neaten it all up.So this week is my week of organizing. We have one more week off school, and it is going to be productive. No more vacation for mom.  And get rid of things we haven't used forever, or have outgrown, or that have excessive holes....Old things are passed away, behold all things are become new. You'd better just watch out!

The question is...where to start?=)