Friday, December 30, 2011

Bitter Batter Better Butter

Do you ever feel like giving back your "parent" badge? Kind of like you've been deputized by Andy, but the bad guys are piling up, and you really would like for Andy to ask for your badge back right about now?  I felt like that at 2:00 this morning when Elsie was vomiting, and Meredith was wailing on the other side of the morass Elsie had created. A huge disgusting mess, and no one but you, the parents, to deal with it. You just want to climb back into bed at that moment, pull the pillows over your head, pray that this was all just a really bad nightmare, and wish that this was somebody else's job. But, instead, you buckle down, and be a parent. You do what needs doing. Showers, laundry, scrubbing every surface in sight, and feeding the screaming six month old. "In sickness and health" applies to parenting too. Bummer.=) Well, whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Or so they say.

Elsie obtained a stuffed horse yesterday. She named it Noodles. After her mom's great cooking. Go figure.
On another note, let's enter the great butter vs. margarine and mayo vs. miracle whip debate. This is something I find extremely interesting. Having grown up on margarine and miracle whip, I was one of those people who thought "butter-schmutter"...there is no difference. And what's up with these mayo snobs? All they will eat is mayo? Get a life. There's NO difference! The Hippies started our marital bliss enjoying miracle whip and margarine. We were happy in our ignorance. (there is no difference...) And then I bought butter for some recipe. And Brian ate it on his toast. And he who hates "butter" actually liked it. He mentioned how good butter is on toast, and baked potatoes, and in mashed potatoes, and cookies. As a dutiful wife, I bought more butter. And discovered that there is a huge difference. Butter is hard out of the fridge. It is salty-if you buy the salted stuff-and why buy anything else? It makes cookies crisp, and buttery flavored. And it is just grand.  If you have bought into the "I can't believe its not butter" ad scheme, I am so sorry. How could you believe that's butter? Butter became more than just an easy way to spell margarine on a recipe, its all we Hippies use. There is no going back. We are butter snobs. And most of those people who are living in butter ignorance are also living in mayo delusion. Same thing happened with mayo in our household. I think I mistakenly bought mayo instead of miracle whip one week. And then Brian mentioned that he preferred mayo. And we have been stuck on mayo ever since. Again, mayo is salty. Miracle whip has a zing. They are both fairly creamy. But I truly prefer mayo. As do our highbrow children. They do not like grandma's mayo!!! It is a trial for their taste buds every year. But they are relatives, so we must excuse their foibles.=) I find it very interesting that I have many friends who were raised the same way I was, eating margarine and miracle whip, fed the same line (there is no difference) who have now converted to mayo and butter.

We have seen the light, and there's no going back.=)