Monday, January 4, 2016

New for 2016

I'm not a big resolution maker. And since I tend to make more life changes in September than January, I don't have a huge list of "new". But, some changes have either already dawned or are breaking on the horizon...

-New year=new fitness goals. After a particularly depressing shopping trip (all the stars in alignment-bad holiday eating, no running for a month, that time of the month), I'm motivated to get my booty in gear. I'm getting older, and my body is not metabolizing the way it used to. So, I am cutting portions, starting strength training three days a week, and getting up at 5:30 at least four mornings every week to exercise.

I've gotten permissive with my rising time, and that has squeezed out some of my exercising time. But, 5:30 is doable. After all, I kicked Mr. Hippie out of bed at 5:30 to make coffee the majority of the mornings of 2015. If he can get up to make coffee, we can get up to exercise.

We will be heading to the gym, swimming two mornings, and doing HIIT on the treadmills the other two mornings. I figure that the HIIT will help my runs overall. And the swims will help the swim portion of my triathlons, as well as the barrel portion of my physique. Theoretically.

-New year=new schedule. So, for the first time in over 19 years, I am quitting BSF. And mid-year, which totally goes against my grain. Never give up and all that jazz. Our fall evening schedule looked something like Sunday-church, Monday-BSF (me & 2 kids), Tuesday-BSF (Mr. Hippie & another kid) and BFF time (every other Tuesday), Wednesday-prayer meeting, Thursday-date nights & article club, Friday-kids' club. Saturdays tended to fill up with other random activities. So, basically, I had a night off every other Tuesday. No joke.

And family evenings together-like never. Well, those random Saturdays....

What I realized with the time off over the holidays, is that this schedule is crazy. Certifiably cray-zay! We started praying about it, and the thing that is going is my BSF attendance. Mr. Hippie is going to try to bring the three oldest with him. But, at least we will now have a guaranteed night of the week where we don't have to rush off somewhere, and that we can spend as a family. Maybe play a board game, or get some family book reading done.

-New year=new adventures A cruise! Mr. Hippie and I are going on a cruise in February. We've never done a cruise before. We always plan our trips to maximize history and such. This is not a historical trip, it is a bake in the warm sunshine while drinking water (okay, mimosas) and reading and talking. I'm really, REALLY looking forward to it.

-New year= new through the Bible in a year reading plan. This is my 19th year doing this. The first 16 or so years, I did two chapters from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament every weekday, then four chapters from the O.T. on both weekend days. The past three years, I've followed the Coley plan, which I really enjoyed. But, I've always wanted to do a chronological read through, and that is what I've landed on this year. I figure if I really don't like it, I can always go back to one of the other ways next year.

As I embark on this new year, I look forward to new experiences of God's peace and faithfulness. Of testimony's to His provision, protection, and goodness.

What's new for you in this new year?