Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Parents, Teens, Babies-Overlapping Seasons

Many someones have warned young moms that the time with their littles flies so fast. (which is ridiculously hard to comprehend while in the midst of dirty diapers and sleepless nights and endless nursing and all.the.things.)

And yet, here I am on the cusp of a whole new life season, and I am wondering how in the world I got here so fast.

It's a really weird season, let me tell you.

In my circle of friends, a whole lot of us are approaching 40. And I'm not just pessimistically rounding up either. Several in our circle crested the big 4-0 this year. It's crazy.

But, the crazier thing about this stage is that it's a kind of an in between life stage. Most of us have at least one teenager. Some of us are still birthing babies. More than a handful of us have parents with major health issues-some of which are life threatening. Oh, and they are all retiring.

Putting those three things together-the babies, teens, and parents-is enough to rock anyone's boat. It's a feeling of being simultaneously too old and too young. Too old for the babies, too young for teens, and REALLY too young for parents with health issues and parents who are retiring.


As I've been reflecting on this trifecta, I've come to realize that the days may have crawled, but the years are flying past. The status quo is going to change, and in the not too distant future. Not to hurry anyone out of the nest but there is a definite shelf-life to regular life as I know it, to say nothing of holidays and traditions. The time is fleeting, the expiration is sneaking up. Which is prompts a measure of nostalgia and melancholy all at once.

I will have a driver in three years who will then probably be a college student in just two more years beyond that.

I have two boys who (thankfully) are still into legos, but have outgrown playgrounds. They are too cool for spoon dancing and for sleeping by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve but still are excited to do the advent calendar. (probably because it involves chocolate) Soon I won't be embarrassing them by what I do, but simply by being who I am. The rolling of the eyes and the mo-ommmms....

I'm thankful I have two little girls, who are still little girls, and will be little girls for quite a long time still. Hormones are a ways out there yet. Though drama is an ever present reality. Sigh...

I'm excited for the future. I'm nostalgic for the past. I'm thankful for the time I've had with my kids, and the fact that I've still got time left. Things change, but not completely, and not all of a sudden. The change is gradual. It kind of sneaks up, and melds from one stage to the next. And then comes the realization that it has changed.

Now, please excuse me while I go drown in a bucket of tears...=)