Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Do I Run?

Or do tris?
So, I know I've over-used this photo, but I love it.
It is not me at my prettiest, but at my strongest.

Someone asked me recently why I run. It's hard and it's hard for me. It's exhausting. It happens in the freezing cold, and it the blistering heat. It makes joints and muscles ache. It's generally unpleasant.

And, let me tell you-it's not pretty. If you'd only see me. The lack of good form. The huffing and puffing. The gross dripping (well, to be honest-pouring) sweat. The stretching. The walking. The if she goes any slower she is going to stop -ness of it all.

I could single-handedly start my own horrid reality television show...So You Think You Can Run???

In my case, there is very little running like the wind. In fact, I sound more like a windy politician. Seriously, when I am really going, my breathing is very heavy. It sounds like I am going to die. No joke.

So, why do I run?

I run because I love the races. The adrenaline. The crowds. The mileage all kicking in to make you run faster and better. I run to cross finish lines and beat personal records.

I run because it reminds me that I am stronger than I'd like to give myself credit for. I can go farther and endure more than I'd like to think. It is a reminder for the junk and hard experiences of life. If you can run 15.5 miles, you can endure a whole lot. Even child birth. At least, that's what I told myself through Meres' labor. (it didn't really help. Other than that I knew I shall not die...)

I run because it places me in a community. Not an official community. An unwritten one. The runner community. All of us who are slogging it out mile after mile after mile. Whether moms or dads, men or women. Whatever challenges we are facing, we are runners running separately but together.

I run to keep myself in shape. Not to lose weight. I have yet to lose much weight while in training. But, it definitely trims my figure. Pounds convert from fat to muscle. Things settle into better, less obvious spots. My running habit allows me to keep my chocolate and bread habits. Though I do strive for moderation-in the bread and chocolate departments.

I run to keep my moods in check. The exercise makes me happy (when it is over with). The views as I'm running remind me of all I have to be thankful for. Sunrises and flowers are high on that list. Running is so very centering for me.

I run because it is being proactive. It is being active. It is taking the bull by the horns and not settling.

I run to have time to think and pray. Many problems are pondered as I take one step and then another. Many people are brought before the throne of grace as I pass various landmark triggers which bring them to mind.

I run because I am a girl. I run because I couldn't, but now I can.

And, why do I write these posts? Well, to encourage you. But, also, so that when I am running my 16 mile training run tomorrow and am greatly questioning my sanity, I can pull all these reasons out of my cap, and keep on moving.=)

Why do you run?