Thursday, April 23, 2015

Focusing on the Heart of Homemaking

I've been pondering homemaking a lot this past week, because of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Homemaking is a subject close to my heart. Homemaking is an art form. It is a high calling. It is about so much more than just cooking and cleaning and decorating.

Homemaking is making a home. And what is a home? It is the place you live. But, more than that-it is the place you belong. 

Sophie Hudson puts it another way-home is where your people are. 

Making a home is making a place of refuge, safety, vulnerability, joy, and real. Home is where your heart is. We use the idea of heart to describe what we love most. We use this idea to describe our essence-the truest, deepest, most important part of us.

Our homes allow us to be our heart. Our true selves. In comfort and safety, without fear of rejection.

And, that is why I really like this Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Yes, it contains books on the nuts and bolts of homemaking. There are cookbooks and organizing books. There are books about saving money and saving time.

But, there are also books that focus on the heart of homemaking. Relationships and heart. There are faith books, marriage books, and parenting books. Books that focus the insides so that the outsides will align properly into a home of heart.

Here are 10 books that caught my eye, and that I am looking forward to reading.

-Live for Him: A Grace Filled Look at Planning by Leigh Ann Dutton ($6).
-Strengthening the Heart of a Homemaker by Kristen Smith ($7.95)
-50 Frugal Dates by Jenny Martin ($2.99)
-The Connection Principal by Chuck Taylor ($3.99)
-Worth the Fight by Kayse Pratt ($4.99)
-From Grouchy to Great by Ruth Schwek ($4.99)
-The Woven Heart by Erin Odum ($8)
-Simply Dressed by Victoria Osborn ($6.99)
-25 Days to a Happier Home by Alison Wood ($9.99)
-Be Happy by Kimberlee Stokes ($7.95)

Which of these titles look interesting to you?