Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We Made It

Yesterday was our 13th anniversary.

I am beyond thankful that we made it this far. I am praising God that we made it this far.

I think marriage is often portrayed in extremes. In love versus getting a divorce. But reality is not so clear cut. So black and white. So clean.

Reality is that persisting in being married is the hardest thing you will ever do it your life. The work of it trumps the labor of child birth any day of the week. It is far more painful and far more rewarding.

A real marriage involves Endurance. Grace. Forgiveness. God. Love. Mercy. Humor. Sacrifice. Persistence. Trust.

A real marriage has really high highs and lower lows than you'd ever imagine.

A real marriage involves heart break and vulnerability. Vulnerability is its own dicey thing. Vulnerability is hard. Sharing yourself-your whole self-leaves you open. Open for love. Open for pain.

Vulnerability leaves you rather defenseless. Your armor and guard is let down.

But you have to be vulnerable to experience the intimacy of marriage.

Last night Brian gave me a couple new charms for my Pandora bracelet. A pink sparkly heart. A heart locket with a tiny diamond. A 13.

And he said, "we made it," as we both cried. (honestly, I am crying as I am typing this...)

This year was rough for us. There were times when we both were wondering if we would make this anniversary. Our foundation had gotten a bit shaky.

It humbled us. It brought us to our knees. It drew us together. It made us stronger as a couple. It sanctified us as individuals.

I'd not wish this year's path on anyone, but at this end of it, I can say,

God used it for good.

And I am so thankful.

I love you, Mr. Hippie!