Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Out of a Rut and Into a Routine

If your kids aren't back to school yet, chances are they will be in the next two weeks. (we start in just 13 days...BIG SIGH)

We have been dialing back our kids' ridiculous summer bedtime of 10:30 (what?) to 9:30. It will probably move even closer to 9:00 for the girls pretty soon.

It's time to get out of a rut and into a routine. Early nights, early mornings, healthy living and even meal planning. The loosey-goosey, fluid non-schedule of summer is behind us. It is time to get into some seriously good habits and good life rhythms.

Reading times. Bedtimes. Devotions. Cleaning. Meals. Good things that got scooted a bit to make room for summer.

my tips here
Today I wanted to share with you all a way to get out of a rut and into a routine with your meals-and especially your dinners.

Summer eating is good. I think it is simpler and in some ways it is more healthy. We have lots of fresh vegetables around and so we eat 2 or 3 of those for dinner with some meat. It is a great way of cooking.

But, summer eating can be a bit haphazard, and often we do same old-same old because it is familiar and easy. Or we grab the unhealthy foods because they are more convenient.

Come fall, we are ready for a good eating routine too. But we are still facing the same challenges as any other season.

Limited time. Limited energy.

Not enough time to plan a menu and a grocery list. Not enough energy to do the planning and the shopping and the cooking.

It isn't that there isn't enough inspiration (hello, Pinterest!). Its the challenge of taking those meals from inspiration to the table.

Instead we settle for familiar. Because it is easier. And convenient.

But, what if you could have healthy, variety, and convenience in one fell swoop? What if you could eliminate some of the steps, but still end up with a delicious dinner on your table?

That's where She Plans Dinner comes in. 

With She Plans Dinner you eliminate the planning steps for yourself.

With She Plans Dinner you receive a full 15 dinner recipes and compiled grocery list in your email inbox twice a month. All you have to do is print them up and take them to the store with you. Or, even better-don't print them up, simply shop them off your smart phone or iPad.

With She Plans Dinner you get dependable recipes. They work. They taste good. 

With She Plans Dinner you get out of a rut and into a routine.

15 Dinners. 2 Desserts. A grocery list. Tips to make the menu work most efficiently.

Convenience for the low price of $5 a month.

She Plans Dinner

There are currently 2 menu plans, both available for 1-2 people or 4-6 people. Classic Comfort is for those who enjoy familiar foods-pasta, roast chicken, meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Variety is for the more adventurous eaters. There are hundreds of recipes being cycled through this plan. It specializes in many flavors, textures, ethnicities.

Coming September 1, there will also be the Fit and Healthy Plan. This plan is not tailored for any particular diet, but is very adaptable whether you are gluten-free, dairy-free, or Paleo. Probably not vegetarian. It is heavy in protein and fresh. Fresh ingredients. Fresh vegetables. It is low in starches. Very little pasta, bread or potatoes.

For a limited time, enter the coupon code FALL at checkout, and you can save $5 on any plan. That's a month free!

How are you going to get your dinners out of a rut and into a routine?