Monday, July 21, 2014

Sewing Up a Storm...

So, last week...

I took a blogging break.

If you follow me on FB, you got the announcement on Monday morning, about the time I decided blogging was the expendable thing of the week.

See, I have an LC who is growing like a weed. And I promised her around Easter to sew her a new dress or two. We pick out patterns and fabric in May and life kept marching on. Without leaving time for sewing.

I got the dresses cut out the beginning of June. Which was huge. Because I have HATED cutting since kindergarten. (Do you know how much cutting they make you do in K? Enough for a lifetime!) So, that part of the process is always dreadful.

But June passed, with VBS, and writing, and business stuff, and stay-cation, and cousins' camp out and training, and no more progress was made on the dresses.

Which had morphed into 2 dresses for LC, plus a matching dress and pair of bloomer/shorts for Meres.

Mid July, mid summer break, mid-mid. Busy life. Still juggling. Business, family, blogging, training.

I love blogging. I love writing. It is very cathartic for me. It is also very time consuming. I spend close to 2 hours each afternoon writing posts, watermarking pictures, and editing. I spend an additional hour most days sharing my posts on social media. Three hours. Five days a week.

Do you know how much sewing can happen in 15 hours? Three dresses and a pair of shorts worth!

Both maybe could have fit into my week. But, the starting and stopping would have been a pain. I needed concentrated time.

Last week I didn't clean. I barely cooked. I didn't write. I sewed.

'Cause every yes requires a corresponding no.

I sewed zippers and I listened to podcasts.

I finished seams and I listened to my kids' movies playing.

I hemmed (and hawed) and smiled as Meres converted the closet next to me into her office.

I studied patterns and fashioned bodices and skirts, sleeves and bows. I matched seams and ripped out seams. I ironed and ironed some more.

I didn't pick up my mess every day. (The setting up and picking up is a huge part of the process, that takes time and can inhibit the sewing in the first place.)

I buckled down, and I created. I made something(s) beautiful. I did something I truly love to do, but that I don't do enough.

We all need breaks. Maybe I should have planned ahead better to not leave you all hanging for a week.

Maybe the best plan was to just seize the day. To make time where there was no time.

To put off any other clamoring urgents...

Gardening. Blueberries. Writing. Tub scrubbing. Polar VortexesHairdos...

To keep a promise to someone(s) who means the world to me...