Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Annoying Discrimination

I learned something new yesterday.

In turns out that my sister in law and I get our oil changed at the same place. And we both have used the same place for a couple years.

I found that surprisingly surprising.

I mean, I know we live across the street from each other (so it isn't in the realm of impossibility that we'd use the same place), but we also both pass at least four oil change places to get to the one we use.

Why do neither of us use one of those four oil change places?

Well, this is the surprising thing. We both use the same oil change place for the very same reason. They don't discriminate against women. 

I'm not talking about only Men's Health and Car magazines in the waiting room, ESPN on the screens and filthy restrooms.

I'm talking about much more subtle discrimination.

At this particular place they don't treat me like I am mechanically ignorant because I'm a woman. They have never tried to up sell me on anything because I am a woman and I don't really know if this car situation is an emergency or not.

The flushes. The high mileage oil. The air filters. The wipers.

The one hundred and one other radical problems' fixes that they couldn't in good conscience allow me out the door without performing. Your brand new car is practically a death trap careening through the roadways, did you know?!

In (way too many) garages, women=pushovers. Easy, emotional sells.

If you are a woman, chances are you know exactly what I mean.

If you are a man, chances are you may know what I mean, but you most likely haven't experienced it.

I've asked my husband if he ever gets pressured in the oil garage. Nope. Do they try to sell him on _____ or ______? Nope. Did they tell you you are likely to explode your engine because you haven't changed the air filter since last month? No and no and no!

I've been with him in the oil garage and I don't hear the squeeze.

Men won't take it. Men see through the crap.

So, after blatant discrimination again and again at various places, I've refused. I refuse to be treated like an ignorant bimbo with fuzz between my ears who will believe any catastrophic theories about my vehicle.

(I mean, if I can string a sentence like THAT together, why do they think they can pull one over on me?)
Does this look like a girl to be trifled with? I don't think so...

I will not subject myself to poor treatment. That's rather masochistic.

I've taken my business elsewhere. I've taken my business to a place that shows integrity in service-whether you are a man or a women.

Loyalty is my thing. Quality service is my thing. If you treat me well, I will be your loyal customer for life. I will send others your way. My frugal self will even pay more for good service.

This discrimination-it isn't painful or life altering. It is annoying. And it makes for great blog post fodder.

As a woman, have you ever conscientiously taken your business somewhere that they treat you with dignity and integrity?