Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Projects

Now that school is done, I am thinking thoughts of spring projects. Those projects that have gotten pushed to the back burner all winter because there has not been time. Or those projects that are simply quintessentially spring projects.

I am thinking of painting and gardening and sewing. I am thinking of new possibilities, growth, creativity, color.

Spring makes me itch to get outside. To get into the dirt. For about 3 hours. Then I'm cured of any such dirt desires.

I am thinking thoughts of potted herbs and potted flowers. My chives, oregano and thyme are already up and flourishing. Basil, parsley, tarragon and cilantro need purchased and planted.

Being in the Mitten, it is considered prudent to wait to plant most vegetables until around Memorial Day in order to avoid frost. But, Memorial Day is less than 2 weeks away. So, it is time to prep the soil. Pull the weeds. Pick out the stones. Mark out the rows. And then plant the seeds.

Back Flowers:
Mr. Hippie bought me a gerber daisy plant a week or so ago-just because. I have that rooted in the planter that I can see from my kitchen sink window. It needs a friend or two to share the pot and add more color. But, even alone, it brings a smile to my face as it see it bobbing in the wind.

Front Garden:
My front garden is a perennial flower garden. I took it completely down to the soil two years ago-rooting up everything in there. It is an almost 100% shade spot, so I have been experimenting with plants and flowers that do shade well.

My uber brilliant plan is to make a map of what is in there so far with approximate color, height and placement, and then take that to the nursery to find a few more plants to fill in some more bare spots.

A perennial garden is an investment. Each piece is costly. I am budgeting myself a certain amount this year, and next year, and the next-until I have it where I want it.
still aiming for a little less crazy...

I enjoy sewing, but I don't do it very often. It seems too much bother to haul it all in and out for only a few hours. So, when I sew, I sew for a week. I do everything that needs done while I have my machine, iron, and ironing board out.

This year I am making LC two summer dresses. She has gotten tall and willowy. I have found her a dress or two at the second hand store, but they are both black. Not very springy.

I went through my patterns and found one that will work. We picked out fabric from my bins for one dress and then we headed out to JoAnns for notions and complementary fabric for the sash.

We came home with two groovy fabrics to make matching dresses for both girls. I mean, Meres has several dresses, but who doesn't need a dress that matches their sister's? I also got a new pattern, and zippers and thread and the complimentary fabric. Sigh...

I must, in my own defense, say, that when I buy fabric for a project, I make the project. I don't just buy reams and reams of fabric and then never use it. My fabric stash is one I inherited from someone else, not one that I stock piled myself.

Meres also need shorts. Short to wear everyday, plus bloomer shorts to go under her dresses. To keep the modesty and panty bases covered.

The only room in our house that has not been painted since we moved in 8-1/2 years ago (though I have touched it up), is our kitchen. I am thinking that it is about time for a fresh coat over everything. It probably won't happen until July or August, but I am dreaming of Tuscany hues. Golds, burnt oranges, and brick reds.

Does the rising thermometer inspire projects in your heart? What are you planning?