Tuesday, March 11, 2014

She Plans Dinner...Who? What? How? Where? When?

Yesterday I shared the why of She Plans Dinner. Why would anyone want to purchase a subscription?Why would it be a savings, both time and money, for someone? Why is She Plans Dinner a good idea for you and yours?

But, one thing my dad taught me many years ago is that, when writing on any subject you must not forget the six faithful friends...

I had six faithful friends, they taught me all I knew. Their names were: what, where, how, why, when and who.

Obviously we have five more questions to answer.

Who? Anyone. People who love to cook. People who are short on time. People who are trying to save money. People who have a lot of mouths to feed. Retirees. Young moms. Singles. There is a She Plans Dinner subscription for you.

She Plans Dinner is great if you are looking to expand your recipe repertoire. Or if you need a boost in the planning department, to get in a (good) groove. Or if you simply want to sail into the grocery store with a reliable list that someone else spent their time assembling.

What? 2 Plans. 2 Quantities. 
Classic Comfort Food Plan. I jokingly say that this plan covers the way my parents eat. Lots of familiar favorites. Baked chicken, meatloaf, casseroles, soups. This plan is available for 1-2 people or 4-6 people.

Variety Plan. This plan is the way I feed my family. It has the food my parents eat plus lots more variety. It dabbles in ethnicities. Less sauces. Lots of herbs. It has variety in entrees, sides, flavors. It is for the adventurous. This plan is also available for 1-2 people or 4-6 people.

Each plan consists of 15 dinners. A dinner would be an entree, a side, a vegetable and often bread. Each plan also has 2 dessert recipes. A freebie. The competition makes you pay for the dessert recipes. Just sayin'. (see, it is already saving you money.) Each plan has a grocery list organized according to store sections...dairy, meat, frozen, canned good, baking supplies, snacks, etc. The grocery list is tailored to the people amount you picked. There is a grocery list for the 1-2 people plan and the 4-6 people plan. That way everyone buys what they need.

So, say your family is 10 mouths, not 4-6. Buy one 4-6 plan and double it. If there is a big demand for it, I may expand into a larger amount later.

Oh, and I have personally made and approved every dish I have included. If I don't like it, it isn't on the plan.

When? Lord willing, our big launch will be the last week of March, before April 1. That is when you can start signing up.

Once you are signed up and your payment has cleared, you will receive your very first plan. Plus a bonus Tips and Tricks eBooklet, which I hear is a laugh and a half. Why wouldn't it be? I wrote it...snort...

Subsequent meal plans will be emailed out to the subscribers on the 15th and 30th of each month

We are also working on setting up private groups so you can log into for your recipes and shopping list. As well as other subscriber only benefits. (think crazy YouTube videos and such)

subscriber benefits like tantalizing pictures to motivate you...
How? Delivery of recipes and lists will be in a pdf format via email and private groups.
As for signing up, there is a handy-dandy links on the She Plans Dinner site (not live yet) for whatever plan, amount and bargain price you choose. Payment is done via Paypal. Which is super easy to set up and a very secure site for both the customer and the business.

How (much)? Well, that is the question.
A 3 month subscription to either plan, for either 1-2 people or 4-6 people is $6 per month.
A 6 month subscription to either plan, for either 1-2 people or 4-6 people is $5 per month.
A 12 month subscription to either plan, for either 1-2 people or 4-6 people is $4.58 per month. (because .58 is random. Actually it is $55 divided by 12.)

So, the longer you are signed up, the more you save.

Where? Really, anywhere. I would surmise that this will work best in the USA or Canada. But, I do have a tester trying it over in Scotland. So...

Well, I answered all my questions...how about yours?