Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's a Launch!

Yesterday I officially launched She Plans Dinner.

I felt like hollering a war-whoop while simultaneously dancing a jig. (After which I will drink a glass of Moscato and get a pedicure.)

It only took 5 months to get from the seed of a dream to a full blown launch. I am still amazed by this journey I have been on the past 5 months. Amazed in part because I would never have guessed a year ago (or even 6 months ago) that I would be running an online business.

So, just to reiterate what She Plans Dinner is...

An online subscription service that specializes in menus, recipes and grocery lists.

We provide two different meal plans, Classic Comfort Food and Variety Food.

Each plan is available in formats tailored for 1-2 or 4-6 people.

Subscriptions are available for 3, 6 or 12 months.

A subscription is purchased for a one time cost of $18 (3 months), $30 (6 months) or $55 (12 months). There is also the option of paying a flat fee of $5 a month until you don't want to subscribe any longer.

Frankly, I think any of those subscriptions are a steal of a deal. How much time would you save monthly by receiving an entire months worth of menus, recipes and shopping lists in your inbox? How much time would you NOT be spending making up those things. If you answered anything more than 30 minutes, this is a savings (time and money) for you. Even minimum wage pays $7.75 an hour...

It isn't that we can't make our own menus and shopping lists, it is that we don't. Often because we are short on time or because planning is just not our thing. But, planning is my thing. I love it. And I would love to take the planning out of your dinner.

How much money would you save by having a thorough list that you shop? Less impulse purchases, less trips to the store for a forgotten ingredient-which inevitably lead to buying more than you originally planned on.

I have built a reputation here on Barefoot Hippie Girl for recipes that are easy to make and are delicious. I am incorporating the same principles into the recipes that are on the She Plans Dinner plans. Each recipe has been made and eaten in my house. I have tweaked them where necessary. If I didn't like the recipe, it didn't make it to a menu.

Subscribers also have access to subscriber only content on the website. This content will include special holiday menus, bonus tips and tricks, and maybe ridiculous founder YouTube clips...

Are you convinced? How about a coupon to sweeten the deal?!

With the coupon code celebrate5 you can save $5 off a 6 or 12 month subscription. That takes your 12 month subscription price down to $50 ($4.15 per month) and your 6 month subscription down to $25 ($4.15 per month).

I'd buy it for that...

Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. Think birthday gifts for friends or family members! What a great gift for a new mom! Everyone brings meals-but what about the time after the meal gifting is over with. This would be super practical.

On what plan are you going to use your coupon code?