Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3-Life is Lived in Hours

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One of the books that revolutionized my thinking in 2012 was 168 Hours: You have More Time than You Think by Laura Vanderkam. I have reviewed and recommended it on this blog.

One thing she was rather scornful of was the question..."if you had an extra 15 minutes per day, what would you do with it?"

Her point was that we all have way more than 15 minutes each day that we waste and we all make time for the things we truly want to do.

But, I think the 15 minute question resonates with the general populace because 15 minutes seems doable.

If you had 15 extra minutes per day, what would you do with it?

My challenge for you today is to make yourself 15 minutes by getting up 15 minutes earlier or staying up 15 minutes later. Use it for that thing you said you'd do if you had an extra 15 minutes.

Read through your Bible in a year.

Or grow mentally.

Or enjoy peace and quiet.

Or learn.

Or make something beautiful.

Or practice a skill.

Or pray.

Or re-align.

15 minutes is a small chunk, but it adds up. In a week, it is an extra 1-3/4 hours. In a year, it adds an extra 91 hours to your days.

What life could you live this year 2014 in 91 hours?