Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 27: Doing Poetic Justice

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If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that my love of poetry is newly acquired. It all started with Robert Frost about two years ago, and I have been hooked since.

Poetry is so high brow. Unless your preferred form of poetry is Mother Goose. (Which I love, btw. Richard Scary's version.)

But, while poetry may seem high-browed, it has always been well received by the plebes-i.e. the masses. There is something gripping and beautiful about the rhythm and rhyme of a good poem.

It usually takes me a few reads to get the gestalt of a poem. It is work-unlike reading a chick flick. But, poetry also feeds the soul-in a way that a chick flick never will.

I enjoy finding humor hidden in between the lines. Robert Frost is very good at that. I like poems about history. I enjoy romantic poems.

I found (this post) full of good tips for understanding poems. My favorite online compilation of poems is Poem Hunter.

My Day 27 challenge is to read a poem, and I have included links to some of my recent favorites. Pick one to enjoy today.

Robert Frost...Old Man's Winter Night...I just love Robert Frost's poems-almost all of them. I love picturing his poems in my mind.

Sir Walter Scott...MacGregor's Gathering...a lusty poem somewhat romanticizing the Jacobite rebellion.

Robert Burns-Scotland's poet, born January 25. Anyone up for a Burn's Night party?...Red, Red Rose (I told Freckles he should memorize this one to have in his repertoire if/when he has a girlfriend. He declined the privilege.)

William Blake-artist and poet. His art is rather interesting. He would paint on an object, then press paper to it to lift the painting. Pretty cool...To Winter

Alexander Pope...Ode to Solitude...who doesn't love solitude?

Isaac Watts-prolific hymn writer and poet...The Incomprehensible.

Do you like poetry? What is your favorite poem?