Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 18: Turn Up the Tunes

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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. -Victor Hugo

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world. -Martin Luther

Music is motivating. Music is stirring. Music is comforting.

Music sticks in the mind when words fail.

Music is the cries of the heart made audible. Cries of joy and triumph and pain and suffering.

Music is powerful. It sets moods. Music makes you want to linger or puts pep in your step. Music is a tool of worship and a call to worship. 

Growing up, several of my siblings had to have their tunes before they would work. They would haul out their headphones and Walkmans (it was the 90s), tune in and get to work.

Growing up, my dad would play Christian records on the record player at 5:15 in the morning as a signal that it was time to rise and shine.

Growing up, and even now, my piano playing would reflect my moods. Reflective or motivating.

Music calms my kids down. Hymns and classical as well as the tones of Motown and Celtic and the Beach Boys. I forget this truth in the desire to have a golden silence. But, as my kids hear familiar strains they leave off fighting and bickering to sing and dance. 
the pied piper knew the draw of music

I find myself humming the hymns I am currently practicing with the kids. The tunes of the week are stuck in my heart and mind. The truths of those hymns filter into my consciousness. I am subtly encouraged.

Today, Mr. Hippie and I are going on a symphony date. It is always a feast for the ears and eyes. A feast for the soul.

Whether you can make it to the symphony this weekend or not...whether you still listen to records and cassettes...whether you are an iTunes and Pandora aficionado or not...I challenge you to turn on your own brand of tunes today. 

Play your tunes loud and proud. Be fed. Be encouraged. Be comforted. Be motivated.