Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 17: Winter Extravagance...Fresh Flowers

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One of my regular extravagances is to buy fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers feel extravagant because they aren't edible (for the most part), but I am using part of my grocery budget to buy them.

Fresh flowers feel extravagant in the winter because they have traditionally been a perk of the rich and famous. "Hot-house" flowers and all....Who but the rich have their own hot-houses filled in the winter with buckets overflowing with fresh flowers?

Fresh flowers in the winter are no longer exclusive to the wealthy. Nor are they ridiculously expensive....

Most grocery stores have bouquets that run less than $10. Aldi has bouquets of fresh flowers for $3.99, which includes their 1/2 dozen roses bouquet. A lot of florist shops will have a dozen roses for around $14.99, every day-except around Valentine's Day.

Fresh flowers are a worthwhile investment. Especially mentally.

Fresh flowers provide a pop of color to the white-washed backdrop of winter.

Fresh flowers are cheery and make me smile.

Fresh flowers are a reminder that spring is around the corner. Maybe not the next corner, but one of these corners...

Fresh flowers give hope.

I really love having fresh flowers around. In the spring and summer I cut them from my own gardens. In the winter I buy them.

So, buy yourself some flowers today.

Fill your favorite vase with lukewarm water. Trim off the ends for a fresh cut, and immediately place the stems in the vase. Arrange artfully and place in a highly visible and prominent position.

my vase was a wedding gift from our friends in Japan
There is a glass factory in their town.
What kind of flowers are you going to buy?