Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14- Write a Thank You Note

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Yesterday I challenged you to write out a thankful list, because thankful people are happy people. Thankful people also shed joy and sunshine into other's lives. By not only writing a thankful list, but by writing thank you notes.

Chances are, something on your thankful list has been made possible by someone else. A tangible person-not just God. Today I want you to pick one of those people to whom you are grateful and write them a thank you note.

Maybe you will thank someone for a Christmas gift you are loving. Maybe you will thank someone who has invested in your life and it has made all the difference in the world. Maybe you will thank someone for something big. Maybe for something small.

A thank you note is a note. It isn't a 5 page epistle. It is short, sweet, direct and full of appreciation. It doesn't take much time. It doesn't take much effort, but the pay off is huge. It will bring joy to someone else's life. Guaranteed. Everyone loves to know they are appreciated. Everyone loves to know how they are making a difference.

Overcoming 5 Obstacles to Handwritten Notes
*Two of the items on my thankful list yesterday was this blog and you, my online friends. Thank you for coming by faithfully as I share my heart and life. Thanks for your encouraging and challenging comments. Thanks for the give and take you provide. I do very much appreciate all of you. I am always amazed when someone tells me that they read and enjoy my blog. I mean, I hope people do...but every time you read my blog, you are making a choice to read it. And I appreciate that. I appreciate that you have made me a part of your days and life. Thank you, my reader friends! *

To whom will you be writing a note to today?