Monday, September 9, 2013

Choices, Choices

Forget the holiday months of November and December-September and October are hands down the busiest months of the year for us Barefoot Hippies! Like bonafide crazy busy...

I'm really not sure what it is that makes it so busy. Maybe it is suddenly being committed to regularly scheduled activities several nights a week. Maybe it is the fact that I actually have to school my kids, so my schedule is much fuller. Maybe it is the fact that this September we have 3 scheduled races, plus the training that comes with it. Maybe it is the fact that sleeping in is no longer an option. Thou must get thy butt out of that bed. Maybe it is the fact that our city's art competition spans the latter half of the month of September and the beginning half of October. And I am trying to cram a year's worth of art appreciation into those couple of weeks. Maybe because it is canning time-peaches, tomatoes, and applesauce to feed my family throughout the winter. Maybe because my family decides that this is the perfect time to make a trip up from TX to visit.

Maybe, maybe...

I put out a call for prayer to some friends on FB last week. Prayer for diligence to do what I can do, wisdom in scheduling, and peace to let go what I can let go.

Because the truth is, I am a closet, or not so closet, perfectionist. I actually sent my BFF a text on Tuesday before she came for dinner. I told her that my house was a disaster, but at least we would have good food to eat.

She laughed, and said she didn't believe it. Not about the good food. About my house being a disaster. She said my house has never been a disaster in her opinion. And probably never will be. She is the best BFF ever.

I view my house as a disaster because I haven't vacuumed it in two weeks, or dusted it in two weeks, or scrub the bathrooms and floors in two weeks. The tub's original color is white, but you'd never know that from the dirt rings. The living room has no pictures on the walls or knickknacks on the shelves, the windows are bare and the furniture is askew. All leftover from our paint job. And in anticipation of the carpet cleaning that is happening this week. I have a basket of clothes from the girls' closet and mine that needs sorted-donate, garbage, keep.

So many little time. So much to do...and the days are still only 24 hours. Weeks are still only 168 hours.

You want to know what I chose to do?

I tried to choose and find the balance between important and urgent, best in leu of good.

I chose to put off picking and canning tomatoes until another week.

I chose to clean my house in stages and on different days than normal.

I chose to spend quality time reading to my kids, explaining new concepts, and getting our school year started off on a good foot.

I chose to clean my house so that I can give it a lick and a promise this week while I can tomatoes.

I chose to serve leftovers and sandwiches to my BFF rather than re-schedule for some other time.

I chose to spend time writing in the afternoons, though rather abbreviated some days, in order to let my thoughts flow and to nurture my own soul.

I chose to exercise first, have coffee with Mr. Hippie second, do family devotions third, and my own devotions during reading time, and then, and only then, get on the internet to read emails and share my posts.

I chose to swim, bike and run, and not skimp on that, so I would be at my optimum for my bucket list triathlon.

I chose to spend a minimum of time on the internet, and instead spend that time reading and writing and paperwork and checking school work in order to not get behind.

I chose to take deep breaths, slow down, and accept and live in the peace the God of Peace was sending my way.

I chose to let go, not sweat the small stuff, and not run around like a crazy woman.

I chose to thrive in this busy season, not just survive by the skin of my teeth.

What did you choose?