Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Favorite Dozen Pinners

*as manifested by the number of times I re-pin, comment on and like their pins...

Pinterest is huge. Way huge. At 70 million users in three years, it has grown faster than any other social network. It has grown quickly and it is well used.

The average user daily spends 17 minutes on Pinterest. Obviously some spend less, and some spend way more. (are there any Pinterest addicts amongst us?) And 80% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins. That is quite the statistic. Pins get pinned, and re-pinned, and re-pinned again by people who have no relationship at all with the original pinner.

Pinterest is not as relationship driven as FB nor as newsy as Twitter.  So, how do you figure out who to follow in this virtual Pinterest jungle?

I have found it is helpful to scroll through the various Pinterest categories that pique your interest, (click on the word Pinterest on your feed. A drop down menu with categories will appear) finding people who's tastes and pins draw your eye. This is a great way to find pinners to follow. Also, when you pin something, there are suggestions of other things that pinner has pinned. This gives you a sense of their style and you can find some great people to follow from that after-pinning prompt. 

I currently follow 200 pinners. To some of you that may seem an outrageously big (or small) number. I have held right around here for quite a while. It allows my feed to be colorful and varied without being overwhelming. It is my happy medium. I get to enjoy a lot of personalities and perspectives, and favorites keep rotating through regularly without getting over-run by tons of noise.

This even dozen I have listed for you today are all regular pinners. I've listed what I normally enjoy and re-pin from their boards. Notice, I re-pin very little in the craft arena, but several of these ladies are very crafty women. Check them out and follow their boards. Some have thousands of followers, and some not as many. But, numbers aren't everything-big or small. Enjoy...(each name is a link to their boards)

Lolly Jane-home decor, dyi, recipes
Megan Peters-architecture
Anna @ IHOD- art, fashion, every day beauty
Retro Mummy- kitchens
Jennifer Crotty Holmes (Dear Lily)- dream home ideas
Hannah Bredeweg-fitness motivation, style/fashion
Dannielle Burkleo- photography, art, recipes
Megan Vaughn (My Pinteresting family)-a little bit of everything
Erin Elizabeth- style, travel, great quotes
Lisa Pennington- home decor, crafts, projects
The Twinery-home decor

Are you on Pinterest? Who are your favorite pinners? Share links in the comments...