Thursday, July 18, 2013

In the Trenches

*Aka, a potty training update...

We are in week 2 (plus) of potty training here in the Barefoot Hippie household. And we are succeeding. But, I am more and more convinced that potty training doesn't happen in one day.

I mean, what if your child won't drink (the tip is to make them drink) and thus never has to pee, except when she does? You have to time the toilet thing just right. Meanwhile, cumulative hours are spent on the toilet until she either does or doesn't go in the toilet.

No, potty training is a boot camp for days here. Days where I spend 90% of my time in the bathroom doing nothing. Except perusing the internet, running water, coaching, bribing, putting said child back on the toilet, and being all around frustrated with the lack of progress and pile of wet panties.

And, if I am not in the bathroom, the toilet is with me. In the living room. In the dining room. In the kitchen. Me and my half naked child.

We had accidents. One day we went through every.single.pair.of.her.6.panties. Sigh. 

But then, about 3-4 days into it, things start to click. (and if not, then maybe it is time to tuck it in for another month or two) If I put Meres on the toilet and she had to go, she would go immediately. If she didn't, she wouldn't go.

This week she hasn't had a single accident (knock on wood) and is even telling me when she has to go. (I peed!) I still bring her every hour or so, but she is getting the concept.

To recap...4 days of lots of potty time, some time in panties, but a lot of time in diapers too. More potty awareness than actual potty training. Then 3 long days of intense training, wet panties and all, before finally having this concept sink in.

Maybe my kids are slow learners, but I'd say this is a pretty typical timeline for us. I think when biting the potty training bullet you need to plan on a week of being at home and attached to the toilet. At least a week. No grocery shopping, no parties, no errands, no play dates. Just you, the kid, and potty training.

And, then you will have more freedom. And will be able to resume normal life, albeit, toting a training seat.

Potty training isn't limited to peeing on the toilet though. I think there are 3 separate levels...peeing, bowel movements and sleep times.

Meres is starting to get the hang of the bowel movements too. It involves me catching her at the right moment. Most children seem to have a time of the day that they go. Whether morning, after a meal, or before bed. I am still trying to figure out when her time is, and then to catch her before she goes in her panties. We have succeeded the past 3-4 days. It is joint training at this point. She is learning to go on the toilet, and I am learning to catch her before she goes.

As far as sleep times go...I think this often comes last. And sometimes way later that daytime control. Meres has been barely wet several naps and nights lately. After we get the daytime thing under wraps, then I will tackle the night thing.

I am already relieved to be changing fewer diapers. I see the end of this stage beginning to crest the horizon. I may have more grey hairs than 2 weeks ago, but the battle is being fought and won. Whoot!

Did I mention Meres also learned how to climb onto the top bunk this week via the ladder and how to open regular door knobs? Sigh...My baby is growing up on many fronts.

What childhood stage are you nearing the end of? How does it feel to you?