Monday, July 1, 2013

Missions...Operation G-Force

When I read this month's topic for Misty's blog, Families and Missions, I was rather excited. If you have been reading the Barefoot Hippie Girl for any length of time, you know we spent a month on a "mission" trip earlier this year. (here, here, and here) It rocked our world.

Missions have always been very important to me. Our trip was really just putting shoes to a lifetime of missionary awareness training. My parents regularly invited missionaries into our home. I remember hearing stories of snakes and provision and great adventures, all told around their dining room table.

We were also required to read the biographies of missionaries. When I was younger, I thought reading biographies was a bit of a drag, but now I love reading them. I love digging into each person's story. And I especially love telling these missionary stories to children-my own and other's.

My parents also encouraged us to regularly write letters to missionaries sent out by our church, or that we knew in other contexts. I have many friends who are in foreign countries telling people about Jesus.

My dream since I was a teenager was to visit my missionary friends in Japan and there we are...
As parents, as Christian parents, we have the responsibility to cultivate a bigger world view in our children than simply these United States. It is our responsibility to lay a foundation for mission/missionary awareness. How can we do this?

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