Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Go Big or Go Broke Trying

I wrote on FB last week that sometimes moms and dads need to get away and just be husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends. Well, that is a great summary of our weekend. We ditched our kids on Friday evening and didn't pick them up until Monday, late afternoon. We raced, road tripped, biked, drank tons of coffee, laughed and talked, visited friends, watched a movie, did a wine tasting, swam, rode a Ferris wheel, and stayed in a swanky hotel. (basically a huge chunk of my 20 Inexpensive Date Ideas rolled into one weekend)

It was rainy on Saturday, and we almost gave up our biking plan, but we stuck it through and the sun popped out.

We came back feeling refreshed and reconnected. It was one of the best weekends of my entire life. No exaggeration!

Without further ado...(you're welcome for the photo dump)

trying to hit tin cans...

practice makes perfect

new favorite picture...helmets make for awkward posing

everything is so picturesque. I love getting down into cities to explore them.

iconic bridge

awesome architecture

the city and the boats

this has always been my favorite building. interesting composition....

Jimmy Buffet was in town. That makes for craziness...

I love fountains...

went to Navy Pier for the first time EVER. Road the Ferris wheel. Ate Italian Ice. Had an amazing time!

Sunday breakfast. Painful smile...

we are so sophisticated...wine tasting

Now we are back to real life...for a couple days. I have a garden to weed, laundry to wash, kids to scrub and a Meres to potty train. But, that's okay.

I've been to Chicago...

What's your favorite city to hang out in? Why?