Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Spring Day in the Life of a Barefoot Hippie Girl

(and her clan...)

Tragedy surrounds and fills our world, doesn't it! Heart break and hurt. Evil abounds.

Here's a promise for our weary hearts...where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. (Romans 5:20) Grace through Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. He is the answer to the heart ache in our world.

I don't want to focus on the heart break in my post today. There has been so much heart ache and tragedy in the world, in my (relatively) short lifetime. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Oklahoma City. Colorado Theatre. 9/11. Sandy Hook. My sister in law's death. The Boston Marathon. A family friend murdering his adult son and wife of 40 years, and then killing himself.

Life can change irrevocably in the blink of an eye.

So, today, instead of the blinks of the eye that change my life in a tragic way, I want to focus on the little graces that abound in my life. The blinks of an eye that make each day wonderful. The moments that I am so grateful for because they are here. I am surrounded by blessings.

this is 5:56 AM

getting ready for a 4 mile run

oatmeal...the breakfast of Barefoot Hippies and their off spring
family morning devotions

fresh chives growing in my pots

making cookies

cookie dough

Meres discovered the wonder of cookie dough. She didn't get that trait from me. It's never been my thing.

school work
Meres eating her breakfast. And LC's

cookie break

a replenished cookie jar

literary lunch hour. Half way through Team of Rivals.

Battle of Bull Run

remedial multiplication training. 

on the phone with Mr. Hippie and getting ready to do this post...

fortified in other a fresh pot of tea.
We've had enough April showers. Have to take advantage of the April sun. Love how Meres is waving at my shadow.

first tulips of the season, that I've seen

my limited flower power has no idea what these are. I just know the sight of them makes me ecstatic!

no words...

they make my days...

it's Tuesday, so I am vacuuming and dusting the house

today also means dinner with the BFF, amazing pasta, bread, watermelon and pie...
Oh, and conversation. That was awesome!

8:50's time to call it a day. 4:30 AM will come way too quickly tomorrow.

And there you have it. What do your spring days look like?