Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why do you Wear High Heels?

One of my faithful blog readers is an IRL friend, Joy. She has a daughter, Alaina who is 4ish. I see them occasionally. The latest time was last Saturday.

Last Saturday, Alaina wandered up to me and asked me why I always wear high heels.

my absolute favorite pair of high heels. I wrote about them here.
In the pressure of the moment I replied, "because I like to." But, here are all the clever responses I have had a chance to think up since then. Some of which may not be appropriate for a 4ish little girl. And none of which I would ever say to a 4ish little girl. This post is dedicated to you, Alaina! Maybe your mom will let you read it in 15 years or so.=)

...I don't always wear high heels. I only wear them when I am going to see you...Which generally happens to also coincide with conferences, weddings or funerals-definitely dress up occasions.

...I don't always wear high heels. I wear running shoes too. For far more hours and miles than I wear high heels.

...I don't always wear high heels. I'm the Barefoot Hippie Girl. 90% of the time I don't wear anything. On my feet, I mean.
My well-heeled collection...winter sandals (because they have a 1/2 inch platform),
every day brown heeled sandals
wedding heels

...I do wear high heels, because they make me almost as tall as Mr. Hippie.

...I do wear high heels, because it is nice to kiss Mr. Hippie when I am wearing high heels.

...I do wear high heels, because I hear that they make a girl's butt look nice. Though, I can't say I've ever compared my high heel butt to my non-high heel butt.

...I do wear high heels, because they make me feel feminine. Like a lady. I wore very industrial shoes for the first 20 plus years of my life. I had big feet and cute shoes just don't look as cute as size 10s. But then I found a nice pair of white heels for my wedding, and black strappy sandals for my sister's wedding, and I've never looked back.
currently keeping my eye out for something like this...source

...I do wear high heels, because they immediately make me feel pulled together and sophisticated. And like I tried with my outfit.

...I do wear high heels, because they are very versatile. They pair well with jeans or slacks, skirts or formals.

...I do wear high heels, because my personal life philosophy is go big or go broke. If I have to wear something on my feet, it may as well be high heels.

Elsie in her high heels

...I do wear high heels, because my mom used to wear high heels. And just like with the makeup and jewelry, there was something about her rows of shoes in the closet that just screamed "grown-up."

...I do wear high heels, because I like to.

...I do wear high heels, because, well just because.

That's my excuse-what's your's? Why do you wear high heels?

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