Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Every Girl's Cinderella Slipper

so cute...
So, Meres, has the cutest pair of shoes. They are black with bows. Whenever she wears them she stares at her feet like, "are these mine?" And everyone oohs and aahs over them. Complete strangers are looking at them. Its really rather comical. Someone even took a picture of them when we were wandering around Art Prize. It starts young and just goes on from there.
Pretty nice 
LC has always been into her shoes. Currently she is in to her "tap" shoes, and her ballet flats, to say nothing of her tennis shoes, her brown boots, and her flip flops with the hearts on them. For Christmas last year she was given 5 pair of dress up high heels complete with feathers, and bows and beads. Hog heaven  for a shoe lover.

Me, well, I've never been much into my shoes. I have wide feet, that are size 9-1/2 to 10. I wear sensible shoes. "Clodhoppers" as I call them. I love mules. Actually, one of the first things Mr. Hippie started to like about me were the cute shoes I wore. That would be those mules. Functional, comfortable, maybe cute. Not "sexy". And while my girls have adorable shoes, my shoes growing up were ug-ly! I had black and white saddle shoes, brown tie shoes, brown other shoes. That I had to wear with my dresses. I just wanted a pretty pair of shoes like the other girls. I am not forever scarred because of my shoes. I don't need therapy-I don't think.  I just got into this serviceable shoe habit.
The life breakers
That changed about 4 years ago when my sister asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, and I had to get some high heeled sandals. Seriously? I NEVER wore high heels. I wore like one inch heels for my wedding. The thick square kind. They are actually pretty nice. I loved them. I still love them. They are white, crisscross strappy. Anyway, back to my sister's wedding. I dutifully went shoe shopping, and found this awesome pair of black high heel sandals on the clearance rack. I fell in love, and experienced a pivotal moment in my life. I bought a sexy, non serviceable, very girly pair of shoes. And I started to wear them. It was October or November, seven months before Bek's wedding. But, I had to break them in. Or so I told myself. I wore them to church all winter. I'd prance through the snow drifts, hop over puddles, and just feel revolutionized. It was amazing! I felt confident. And dressed to the nines. And like part of the group, you know. All from one pair of shoes. The wedding came and went. I still wore them. And I got compliments on my shoes. I never got compliments on my shoes. One older lady at church called them sexy. I didn't realize sexy was in her vocabulary. And, then I bought another pair of black high heel sandals. And black high heel tall boots. Okay, I am sure you are sensing a black trend here. But the important thing is that now I look at non-practical shoes and think, "maybe...." I still don't have tons of shoes, but I do understand a girl's love affair with shoes. You will still find me in my brown flip-flops most of the summer, and my mules through out the winter. But if its a remotely dressy occasion, out come the strappy heels. With jeans, slacks, long skirts, shorter dresses. They are perfect. So, though I'm far from the hundreds (or even 10) pairs of shoes category, I definitely can appreciate the thought behind it.=)
The shoe pile at Bek's wedding
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.