Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Itch

This week I'm writing all about spring...

the sure change of the seasons yesterday
pining or pinning on Pinterest on Thursday,
and a spring recipe on Friday.

Today you get an earful of Barefoot Hippie projected spring projects.

I love the house I have, and the yard I have. I am so thankful for each and every square foot we have-inside and out. It is nothing big and nothing fancy, but it is our home. We have put down roots here, and I love continuing to do projects every year, that further put our stamp on it.

Sometimes my projects are radical. Sometimes they just spruce things up a bit-whipping them into shape. I do believe it is good stewardship to take care of what God has given me. Maintain, clean, fix.

Spring speaks to me of new life, and breathing new life into my home and yard. My surroundings.And spring is here, on the calendar and by the length of days, if not yet by the temperatures.

Ironically enough, as I am typing, it just started snowing. Snowing. Again! Sigh.

Spring no particular order of importance...

1) wash those windows. Scrub off the mildew and the dust, and the fingerprints. Let the fresh air and sunshine in. I will spare you a picture of the windows. Take my word for it-they need help. Spring is all about fresh air, and open windows. I can't wait for a day in the 50s to fling all the windows open, let the winter yuck out, and the sweet smells in.

2) paint the living room. This is my big project for the spring, and maybe realistically, for the year. The living room is the one room in our house that has not been painted since we moved in 7-1/2 years ago. I am dreaming of a sager shade of green on the walls. Less yellowish. There is trim to do, and also the ceiling. And I am thinking about taking the stairwell a shade lighter or darker for some definition. I am also going to get a quote for the job. If it is relatively affordable, I may just hire it out. Time is money.

source for both swatches 
the greens in either of these would be awesome

3) front garden/yard. This was one of last year's projects too. I planted my wildflowers, which ended up being a whole lot more wild than flower. I am going to thin my day lilies in the back, and replant a row in the front. There is no such thing as too many day lilies. I like my front way more than I did, but it still needs some effort.
more wild than flower...wild flower blend gone crazy!

4) elbow grease detail of my kitchen. I cleaned my stove good last week, but really, the walls and cabinets could use a chat with Mr. Clean. It will make the paint look shades lighter.

5) back vegetable garden, herbs and yard. My yard currently looks a little red-neckish. There is not much to do about that, seeing Mr. Hippie runs his own roofing business, and this incorporates a lot of equipment. But I can do my part to neaten what I can see. I look forward to planting my fresh herbs, and the little seedlings and seeds. Having profuse buckets of smile flowers (gerber daisies). Green, fresh, new life. It is the planning stages now. Planting won't happen for another 7 or 8 weeks.

6) haul out the sewing machine. I almost always sew something in the spring. I don't know why, but its the truth. On this year's agenda is new curtains to match my dining room chairs. I will do a valance for the door, and cafe style curtains for the window.

These are what are getting my juices flowing. What I am looking forward to as spring begins its inevitable creeping towards warmth.

What projects are you looking forward to tackling this spring?