Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pinning or Pining on Pinterest?

I love Pinterest. I even have my own Barefoot Hippie Girl account, complete with boards. I love the recipes, and the beauty, and the inspiration-life, project, style, and fitness.

fresh baked cookies
I don't find it over whelming. I use it as a paperless bulletin board where I can pin ideas that strike me. Things I want to get back too. It is the best of the whole "green" idea. It gives my try to be clutter-free self a paperless and clutter-less way to be organized in inspiration.

I am not one of those people who suffer from Pinterest depression. Seeing all the things other people do, that I don't or can't. Pinterest doesn't induce me to throw crazy beautiful themed parties. That isn't me. I use Pinterest to help me develop the interests I already have. Not to make me discontent with what I don't.

My one and only pet peeve with Pinterest is the rush-rush-rush on to the next thing that it seems to inspire. 

Here's what I mean...Christmas Day is not over with, and people are pinning ideas for Valentine's Day. Same goes with Valentine's for St. Patrick's. And St. Patrick's for Easter.

It isn't even limited to the holidays either. It has taken over the seasons. Last summer everyone was pinning ideas for fall in July. July. We are thinking spring and summer in January. Part of that could be the hope for mild. We crave the more temperate climates of spring and fall after the extremes of summer and winter. I get that.
daily granola

This rush-rush on to the next thing is not a good thing. This always looking towards to the next big holiday or thing-is not a good thing.

Because, you start to miss the trees for the forest. The day to day gets swallowed by the monumental. The treasures of the snow are missed for the anticipation of warmth, longer days and new life. The sunshine and freckles and beach are displaced by the longings for apple cider and cozy sweaters.

Looking forward to the next season. The next month. The next year.

Time flies, and pretty soon you wonder, how you got to be 35. Or 50. Or 83. How did it get to be 2013 already? With a quarter of the year almost done?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with planning. And envisioning. And enjoying the big events.

But if all you are looking forward to is the big, you will miss the little joys of the everyday. You will miss the preciousness of the present. The taste of fresh brewed coffee. The sound of wind chimes blowing in the spring breeze. The laughter of your kids at their own corny jokes. The yeasty smell of fresh baked bread.

doing work
These are the Pinterest-able moments in my life that never make it to Pinterest. The beautiful snapshots that I treasure. These are the real ground breaking, earth shattering happenings in my life.

Not Christmas. Not Easter. Not birthdays.

When you are young, Summer break lasts forever. Christmas is always anticipated. 16 is the epitome of grown up.

But, somewhere along the way, you do grow up, and you blink, and your newborn is only 5 short years away from driving. And you marvel at where the time went?

You teach a class full of your friend's kids, a decent portion of whom are on the brink of teenage-dom. And you feel so old. And amazed. Where has the time gone?

these ARE the moments...

And you realize that the days, and months, and seasons and years don't drag anymore. They have wings, and they fly past. Faster than the speed of light.

One blink, and its gone.

You don't even have to be on Pinterest to succumb to the pull of busy-busyness that makes the days pass in a blur. I have been guilty of that. Because, really and truly, the problem isn't Pinterest. Pinterest is only fueled by pinners. People. So, Pinterest is simply a showcase of our hearts. Are we content with where we are in life? This life season? This annual season? Or do we wish our lot was different?

So, my challenge for you is to enjoy today. Enjoy right now. Pin away on Pinterest, but don't pine away, wishing for the next thing or the next season.

Make a board (or not) celebrating your life now. What you wouldn't change. The moments you don't want to rush through.