Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not in Kansas Anymore

"Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore..."

Did I mention that Indonesia is my first foray into a Third World country?

I don't even know how to describe it.

I think I am going to process more before I dive into that description.

Right now, we are in Java, at a resort. It is rustic and earthy. There are sheep "cutting" the grass.

Everything is tile roofs and bamboo walls. And bursts of color. Terra cotta orange. Bright red flowers. Green coconut trees. Blue water. Screens and breezes. The owner is an English man running around in swim trunks. This is the life, eh?

I can hear my kids laughing and chatting with their friends. I can hear Mr. Hippie yakking it up with new and old friends. I can hear the buzzing of insects, the chirping of birds, and the skittering of lizards. (some variety that has a more sophisticated name that lizard and is good for eating Mosquitos.)

I can hear the waves crashing on the shore. The ocean is only about a football field's length from my bungalow porch. The sound is deep and booming. It is like the surf on the Great Lakes, but different. It sounds more like thunder or a jet plane. And I am loving it. Water sounds are very soothing to me.

After more than a week of going nonstop, I am looking forward to some time to just relax and rest. My soul thrives on quiet.

I think that is something people don't realize about me. I do so much when I am doing, people assume that I like to be always going-going.

But, I actually plan time into my days and weeks to rest. We have quiet time every afternoon for 2 hours. I love the stillness of the mornings with my cup of coffee and conversation with Mr. Hippie. My margins for stillness and refreshment.

I am hoping to have that this week. We are way out in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town is rather not urban and is 30 minutes away. Oh, and there is no wi-fi. I wasn't really expecting that. So I will write this week, and you will get to read it next week. Sorry that this week is short on posts.

I think planned and unplanned breaks from media are good. Our lives will both march on, and we can reconnect on the other side. The Borneo side.